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Product Information

  • The idea for the DentaRX software began with one of our User Group meetings. Mainstreet Systems was asked to develop software that would allow a dentist to create an easy-to-read, accurate prescription, while using items of the laboratory where the prescription will be sent.
  • The DentalRX software has been developed as a service to be provided by each laboratory to its accounts including individual dentists, group practices, clinics, universities, hospitals, goverments and other laboratories.
  • As DentaLab for QuickBooks (DQB) evolved from a small sideline product into a comprehensive mainstream offering, Mainstreet was asked to adapt the original DentalRx concepts into a web-based service that would synchronize with the DQB case management system.
  • The primary service of DentalRx is to provide a quick, convenient, easy way for the dental office to create a prescription via the internet specifying patient's name, teeth, shade, request date, lab procedure(s), case enclosure(s), and any special notes or instructions. The prescription entry will create four important records:
    1. Printed prescription to accompany case materials
    2. Entry of a new case in your lab's DQB database
    3. History case record at the dental office
    4. Case reports for lab receipts, completions, shipments
  • Auxiliary services available to registered dental offices will include:
    1. Doctor preferences recorded/updated in lab's DQB database
    2. Case pickup requests
    3. Messages from dental office to laboratory
    4. Uploading case related images for viewing with the DentaLab Image Scanning supplement
  • Doctors/dental offices must register and be accepted by the laboratory to have access to this system

  • All communication between the dental office and lab is encrypted.

For both the laboratory and the dental practice, it provides new possibilities for:
  • Easier-to-read prescriptions
  • More complete, accurate information
  • Selection from tables provides consistency where needed
  • Prescription format provides tooth chart, open space for diagrams
  • Fewer errors due to misunderstanding
  • Better communication via special instructions, remake reasons
  • Multiple copies of prescription to accompany case materials, place in patient and/or date files
  • Optional transmission of prescription via email for scheduling, discussion
  • Eliminates need for expensive pre-printed forms
  • Creates a record of the prescription that can be accessed at later time

For dental practice, it provides
  • Simplified entry of prescription
  • Convenient calendar for selection of dates
  • Free-form special instructions when needed
  • Can be setup by assistant, reviewed and signed by doctor
  • Easier tracking of requested forms
  • Handy prescription histories for patient, fee tracking
  • Quick and easy access to information by dates or patient name
  • Secured access to case records

For the dental laboratory, it provides
  • Easier, more accurate case entry
  • Case procedures already selected by doctor
  • Time/Cost savings due to less errors and omissions
  • Quality control input based on remake reasons
  • Opportunity to provide additional service to your account

System Requirements

  • DentaLab for QuickBooks 1.15 or later
  • Windows Server 2003 or later
  • Domain Name
  • Static IP address
  • SSL Certificate
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"I have never found a glitch in all the years I?ve had it and really love this software."

Rickey Kornegay
Twin Rivers, North Carolina

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