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Beyond QuickBooks Basics

Moving beyond the basics, here are more reasons why so many businesses love QuickBooks.

  • QuickBooks provides easy reconciliation of bank accounts and other critical financial data.
  • It includes a built-in calculator.
  • It provides for security of data access through a structure of user permissions.

It keeps up to date with technology, offering such services as:

  • Online banking
  • Electronic of invoices and statements
  • Import/Export with other software
  • Remote access
  • Accountant coordination
  • Credit card processing
  • Web-hosted backups

QuickBooks has the experience to bring your business exactly what it needs.

  • It includes a library of letters that can be used as is or edited for correspondence with customers, vendors and others.
  • Customer, vendor and employee centers provide for easy navigation and selection from one screen.
  • Its Customer Manager provides for easy tracking of phone calls, contacts and emails, a way to link documents to customers, a to-do list to provide reminders and organize tasks.
  • It offers both a payroll service and software for in-house payroll processing.
  • It offers a variety of forms, both pre-printed and for plain paper, as well as the ability to custom-design your own forms.
  • It synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook and ACT! for customers, vendors, employees and other contacts. For tax processing, it synchronizes with TurboTax.
  • It provides import/export facilities for transferring information to and from QuickBooks and other software systems.
  • Through its network of developers, it synchronizes with over 400 other applications, both industry-specific and general, including many of the foremost companies and software applications.
  • It offers affordable solutions for computer systems ranging from one station to an enterprise network of 30 stations.

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Breaux Dental Prosthetics
Texas, USA

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