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Why Synchronization?

As a leader in software for the dental lab industry, Mainstreet was invited by Intuit to consider synchronizing its case management software with QuickBooks. In its continual quest to serve its customers well, Intuit realized that industry-specific programs were sometimes needed to complete the needs of its millions of financial management and accounting customers throughout the world.

Mainstreet accepted the invitation to travel to California and meet with Intuit personnel, determined it would be a good fit for many dental labs, and began development of DentaLab for QuickBooks (DQB). Released in 2005, DQB quickly became the premier product for dental labs, well accepted by labs of all sizes not only in the USA, but also in nine other countries.

Following this success, Mainstreet received a request to consider developing a similar system for sports centers, utilizing the expertise they had developed for scheduling techniques and the technical aspects of QuickBooks. Having sponsored youth sports in the Philadelphia area for many years, Mainstreet knew well the world of camps, clinics, and tournaments. So in 2009, they began development of Sports Centers for QuickBooks (SCQB) and in early 2010, launched this system as well.

The Benefits of Synchronization
  • Synchronization means that separate systems now work hand-in-hand as though they were one. It is a step above integration via export/import steps.
  • The standards, methods and look and feel are coordinated so that once one learns one system, it is easy to continue on with the other.
  • Data is typically entered only once, eliminating the time and errors involved in multiple entries for the same data.
  • Updates are immediate, as there is no need for exporting from one and then importing into the other at specific intervals.
  • Data is not lost or mismatched due to forgetting to export and import or to enter at more than one point.
  • Synchronization brings together the benefits of mass-marketed software funded by millions of users with the benefits of expertise involved in a smaller but more specific industry.
  • Synchronized software results in a richer, more comprehensive, more complete set of features at an affordable cost.

"I have been on the hunt for a new laboratory software program probably for the past 2 years. Now that my partner has retired I can now make it happen. We have used a custom program written just for our lab since 1979. Yes, it was state of the art then, but now it feels quite inadequate to me. We started using QuickBooks in 2005 and I really like it?s simple, easy to learn accounting methods, it works.

When I found an article about DentaLab for QuickBooks I quickly contacted Elaine at Mainstreet and drove to their office with my laptop in hand, our current programs inefficiencies written down, and 3 pages of my wishes, oh, and my wife as well who has no dental lab understanding.

Needless to say I was sold and my wife as well since it made clear sense and that she was even able to follow some of the steps involved in entering the work. Nathan was able to customize our work ticket right away to help me sell it to my office staff, this proving to be more of a challenge then I ever would have expected. Even though our old system had many inefficiencies, they still knew it well and were too comfortable with its use.

I purchased DentaLab for QuickBooks, had Nathan spend 2 days in lab, and had all of them sold, even my ex-partner. Nathan is a tremendous help on the telephone and very calming to the nervousness of my staff. We are using the program now and are able to easily navigate thru it and make adjustments as needed.

Thank you Elaine for designing such a great user friendly program and to Nathan for your help in person and on the phone."

Scott Klaire
Metalcraft Dental Lab, New York, USA

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