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October 2012

DentaLab NewsOctober 2012
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If you never did  you should...

these things are fun and fun is good!    Thank you Dr. Seuss, as we have found this very much applies to our tablet computers. 

Our first mobile app to coordinate with DentaLab for QuickBooks focuses on workflow to track the status (started, paused, completed) for case items, to tally timings and completions by technician, work center, and items.   It uses the much improved touch technology available on Apple iOS IPads and Google Android tablets.   The initial set is now in beta-testing in small and large labs and we will continue to add a few more features during this stage.   We will also be testing this on Windows 8 once it is officially released later this month.

We have been surprised by the interest expressed in even the smallest labs in having this handy inexpensive way to track and monitor case production.   Some will use it for all their cases, others for occasional timings, and we have been told they are using their tablet more and more as a handy way to communicate with their customers.  

We would like to know if you are already using or plan to use a tablet in your lab for this or other purposes such as ordering materials, participating in forums, communicating with your customers, performing research or training.    If you are up-to-date with DQB and would like to obtain a free copy of one of the tablet apps by participating in the beta-testing, let us know.

The next set of apps will focus on business development activities.  

Intuit has released QuickBooks 2013 

We were able to take a quick look at the new 2013 versions of QuickBooks.  In terms of accounting, this is mostly the same as 2012, but here a few new features we think you will like:

  • With the Pro Plus version, you can access a limited number of QuickBooks features  on your Android or Apple iOS mobile device including:  edit/view of customer information, create/view/email invoices, estimates and sales receipts using your custom templates.
  • There is a new ribbon-style navigation bar to make movement through your choices easier and smoother.
  • The ability to customize which columns you want shown in data grids (just like you already have in DQB).
  • For business development and customer/vendor relationships, expanded contact information fields are now more customizable, allowing up to 8 contact fields and multiple notes per contact. New tab functionality enables you to view transactions, contacts, to-do's, and notes on the same page.

Software releases have been classified as "plumbing" meaning basic fundamental changes or "polishing" meaning fine-tuning and new conveniences.  This one appears to be mostly polishing. 

Not too early for a winter warning

Last year it was October 31 when we had a surprise major snowstorm.   But then, expecting the worst for our winter here on the east coast, it was not too bad.   Should snow or ice prevent us from getting to the office, we can still provide support to you as long as we have electrical and phone service.   From our homes, we can log in to email, voicemail and our computers here at the office.   If you can not reach us directly, be sure to leave an adequate message as to who you are, how to reach you and the purpose for your call.  


  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I see in the Activity section for a case a red-light message that the case has not yet shipped.   Where do I mark it as shipped?

A: In the left frame under Cases/Completions is an option for QC and Ship Cases.   This is where you can indicate that the case has shipped.  If tracking quality control, you can also indicate if the case has passed QC.  With the October release, we have also extended the ability to access the UPS and FedEx online tracking systems from this screen in the same way you can now do this from the Case Entry screen. 

Q:  When a dental office sends an online prescription via DentalRx, how does it get entered into DentaLab for QuickBooks?

A: This will be entered as a new case in DQB with the general information such as patient, teeth, shade, requested return date, case notes, etc. as well as the standard procedure(s) selected by the dental office.   Thus most of the case entry has been completed.   Each of these cases will have DRX in the Entry By field, so that lab can use the Find button with the Entry By field and the Enter Date(s) to see a list of all the cases received online.   We recommend the lab review each case, fine-tune if needed, and then schedule.  The dental office can lookup their cases to determine the schedule status.  

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

To avoid an accounting nightmare

Those serving dentists in the USA will need to determine which of their items are subject to the medical device tax and construct their invoicing to distinquish what is taxable and what is not.   To ease your burden, we have added features to the upcoming DQB release 1.32 so that you can mark which items are taxable and then have the system tally the invoiced amounts and tax due.   The release will be available later this month; the tax will be due on medical devices invoiced starting January 1, 2013.

We also recommend that you review the September newsletter for the steps needed to prepare for this tax.    This is posted on our website in the Support section.   We also have available a document that covers all the compliance support measures provided by DQB that is available via email to everyone who sends in a request.

An important release:  DQB 1.32

For the upcoming medical device tax for those labs serving the USA, we have added features to both the starter and standard versions of DQB to tally the taxable invoiced items and calculate this excise tax.  A full detailed list of the enhancements along with the release will be posted on our website later this month.   Here is a summary:

  • New features for medical device tax
  • Tertiary case labels with option to print 3 different labels in a stream
  • FedEx and UPS shipment tracking extended to QC and Ship screeen
  • Flat rate vs percentage discount added controls
  • Option to not require remake confirmation when batch invoicing
  • Batch invoicing expansion of grid columns to match search criteria
  • Easy Start Windows 7 firewall exception
  • Code signing to programs for extra security

Once again, we urge you to prepare for this now and not wait until the holiday season near the end of the year to update your system. 

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"I recommend this (DQB Starter) to smaller labs on a routine basis. It's an excellent tool to get started with.
The best thing about it in my opinion is the fact that it's very intuitive. You do not have to be a computer geek to successfully use it.

Chuck Yenkner
Executive Director, IdentAlloy Council

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