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April 2013

DentaLab NewsApril 2013
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At Your Bidding--the DQB Release is Ready

This release fulfills a number of requests and suggestions from the DQB user group.  It has been posted on our website (www.mainstreet-systems) in Support/Quarterly Releases.  See the list of enhancements below as well as on the website.   Those with an up-to-date service agreement can call or email when ready to download to obtain the current authorization codes.  We thank all of you who contributed your ideas and beta-tested for this release. 

Wow for Your Responses! 

In our last newsletter and on the Internet Dental Forum (IDF), we asked this question:  What do you remember as the best one or two compliments you have received for your work?  We were delighted by your responses.  It is the best of all worlds when the work you do is very worthwhile and appreciated and then the money flows from this.  The editorial is still in progress due to our busy workloads, but we will send it along when it is complete. 

Spring Training

Here is the agenda for the upcoming DentaLab for QuickBooks group training & workshops at our offices here in Pennsyvania:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Morning             Basic Training based on DQB 1.34

                       Overview of Barcode and Notifications Supplements

Lunch Break        We will provide lunch and beverages.                                          

Afternoon          Workshops

                       Remote Access Alternatives

                       DentalRx Coordination with Dental Office  

                       Tablet App for Case Assignments, Workflow  

All are welcome to come.  You do not have to have a licensed system or service agreement. We ask that you sign up by May 1.  Please let us know if there are any topics you wish to add to the agenda.      


  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To Answer Your Questions

Q:  Is there a way to show a partial payment or deposit on the QuickBooks invoice?

A:  Yes, Intuit has provided for this in the footer.   To add this to your invoice template, bring up the invoicing screen with the chosen template, then click Customize.  Once in the customization screen, choose the Footer tab and click on the opton to show Payments/Credits.   The payment (or credit) amount will then be shown beneath the invoice total.  

Q:  Is the inventory assembly in QuickBooks the same as standard procedures in DQB?

A:  There is a some commonality between these two features but no, they are not the same. Inventory assembly in QuickBooks is designed to handle inventory that is being built for stock and then resale such as furniture, electronics.   Standard procedures in DQB are designed to handle the fulfillment of one order based on the dental prescription.  They provide a template for assuring a complete list of work centers and items and then for scheduling the completion of these.  Designed specifically for the needs of dental labs, they provide complete flexibility to add, edit or delete the work steps and inventory items needed to design and build a case.  As an added bonus, they very much speed up the case entry process.  

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.


We have added TeamViewer ( to our list of favorites for access via the internet.   We also successfully use and when you want us to take a look at your computer or when you want to tune in to the training/demo system here at our offices. 

Keep in mind that you can also use these services if you want to access your own system from another location.   All of these offer both free and low-cost levels of service.  All work well and have good levels of security.  

DQB April Release 1.34

The April release of DentaLab for QuickBooks focuses on cases, their shipment/tracking, and email notifications to your customers.   Note that the email notification reports will be available to those who have licensed the Notifications Supplement.

Here are the highlights of this service-oriented release:

Case Entry – New Action to Add QC and Ship Information

In the Cases menu, we have had an option to enter quality control, actual shipment date and time, and shipment tracking numbers for a batch of cases by ship date. Now in Case Entry there is a new action to conveniently enter this for the specific case at hand.

Case Entry – Recalculate Automatic Request Date

In Options/Case Settings, you can set up an option to automatically calculate the request date a specified number of work days after the entered date. This capability has been exhanced to recalculate if the user changes the entered date for a new or existing case.

Case Item Grid – New Ability to Customize Columns

The user can right-click when in the case item grid for a list of further actions.  The ability to customize which columns will be shown in the grid has been added to this actions list.

QuickBooks Country Field for Billing/Shipping Addresses

For the customer's billing and shipping addresses that are synchronized with QuickBooks, we will now transfer to DQB as a separate field the country if entered in QuickBooks.  Please note that QuickBooks edits for valid countries.

Sales Analysis – New Summary by Work Center

At the end of the Sales Analysis Report by Work Center, there is a new summary by work center.

Shipment Tracking – More Carriers and in More Reports

We have added to the list of shipment tracking web links two for the Australian Post.   One is EX for the express, the other TOLL for standard.  Please note that the ship method for the case must be exact for the shipping links to work.

The shipment tracking codes will be stored with the case and also added to the Case History and Notifications reports.

Ship Methods:   Second Description Field

For the new notifications report, we  have added a second description field for each Ship Method.  Its entry is optional.  If entered, both the first and second fields will be shown in the report.  Sample:  UPS   United Parcel Service 

Email Notifications: Action Required Messages to the Dental Office

There is a new tab in Case Entry for those who want to send an Action Required message to the dental office for a specific case in their Notifications report.  To be included in any upcoming notifications, you must check the indicator. 

Email Notifications:  New General Message, New Fields on Report

In addition, the Notifications report has been enhanced to include these fields whenever available:

  • Second ship method description
  • Date and time of shipment
  • Shipment tracking code and link
  • Action Required message

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"This is the most amazing software for tracking cases. It is phenomenal. I am just loving it!"

Chris Rocha
J R Dental Laboratory, Colorado

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