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August 2013

DentaLab NewsAugust 2013
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An update on DQB Release 1.35

The latest release for DentaLab for QuickBooks is unique because it includes an automatic conversion from the invoice information previously stored with each case item record to a new more comprehensive invoice history set of tables.   We held off posting this release on our website while we worked with several labs to make sure the process would be as fast and as smooth as possible.   We are  pleased to report that all of the installations to date have been just that.  There are several precautions we must give to you:

  1. Be sure you have a good data backup before proceeding with the download and conversion.
  2. Be sure all users have logged out of DentaLab for QuickBooks. If running, also exit from the Connector and Notificator.
  3. If you have a networked system be sure to first install to the server/host and then to every client station involved with DQB all in one session.
  4. If you have neglected to keep your system up-to-date with the latest releases, we recommend that you schedule a block of time to have us guide you through the update. From the Home menu, you can click the About box to see your latest release.   If earlier than 1.35, you are not up-to-date.

Now when requesting invoice history from the Case List, Case Entry/Edit or Invoicing screens, you will be able to view more complete invoice information for prior invoices for the case which will particularly helpful for multi-stage cases and for tracking multiple invoices for the same patient from within DQB eliminating the need to go to QuickBooks. Another advantage of accessing this information within DQB is that it provides a far greater variety of ways to search for a specific case than QuickBooks. 

The full list of enhancements and installation guide are posted on our website in the Support/Releases section.  Note that this update applies only to the standard version and not the starter or any custom versions.  If you have an up-to-date service agreement, you can call for the authorization codes to download and/or schedule a block of time for tech support for this.

Support for Windows XP will be ending

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows XP will be ending April 8, 2014, which is just a little over six months away.   Most of the recent updates in support of this operating system have involved security issues and the never-ending battle against malware coming from Intenet sources.   If you have not upgraded to Windows 7 or 8 and your production system has Internet connections, we strongly recommend that you begin planning to upgrade.

Those who are involved with software development are keenly aware of many security issues such as hackers, worms, viruses, industrial espionage, cyber-terrorists, internal destruction and theft, unauthorized access and data breaches.  If you tune into the news, you likely know that even companies with multi-million dollar security systems and what is known as bank-level security experience malware and data breaches.   It is best to keep up with the latest versions from the major technology companies that continually strive for better protection.  

Looking ahead to September

The USA Labor Day holiday falls early this year on Monday, September 2.    For many, this signals the end of the more relaxed summer season.    Our offices will be closed on Labor Day, but we will check email and voicemail for our customers in other countries.   

We have been pleased with the responses to our invitations to schedule personal interactive sessions and will continue to allocate time each week for these.   If you would like to learn the basics, explore new possibilities for your lab or have your specific questions answered, you can call us to schedule your own personal webinar.   These involve short interactive sessions in which we have you connect to our DentaLab for QuickBooks training computer from your computer via the Internet.   All you need are:

  • A broadband Internet connection
  • About an hour of time
  • An interest in learning


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To Answer Your Questions

Q:  One of our customers who previously requested a printed copy of the materials disclosure report for each case has now requested that we send an electronic copy.   Can we do this?

A:  Yes.  Not only for this report but for others as well, next to the Print button on the report screen is a Save button.   Click this and you will have the opportunity to select from a variety of electronic report formats.   The two most popular choices are PDF (Adobe Portable Data Format) and Excel (from Microsoft's Office Suite).

You can check with your customer to determine which format they prefer, then save it to this and email.  We recommend that you establish standards for the naming and location of these electronic reports. 

Q:  What is the difference between the Case Materials Disclosure Report and the Materials Disclosure Analysis?

A:  The first is designed to go with the case or at least be available if requested for a case.  The second is designed primarily to find cases by manufacturer, product and batch/lot numbers within a date range.   This search and the resulting report can be particularly useful should a recall occur and for analytical purposes. 

Q:  Where is the best place to store electronic documents associated with a case?

A:  If the document is a JPEG (extension .JPG), it would be stored in the Scans folder associated with the Images tab in Case Entry.   All other documents are stored in the Documents folder associated with the Documents tab in Case Entry.  Each of these has a naming convention that associates the document with the specific case and its entry sequence.  This capability is available through the Image Scanning supplement.   Both folders should be part of your backup process, whether it be local or online (or better yet, both).  

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Here are a few inspirations

We always enjoy learning that our work has helped to bring success to one of our customers.   Here are a few of these stories to perhaps help you in your endeavors.

#1 One lab owner licensed DQB Starter primarily to keep track of which of his items would be subject to the medical device tax and to tally their sales for government reporting.  Within a couple of months, however, he called to say he was finding that using DQB was saving him loads of time and that he wished he had implemented it much sooner.  

We have had this same reaction from a number of labs.   Always keep in mind that there are better uses of your time than doing tasks that computers can do with more speed and accuracy such as organization, tallying numbers, searching, sorting and reporting. 

#2 Several years ago a new orthodontic lab was established.   They wanted to not only have a unique offering but also a unique approach.  Part of this approach included a portal on their website where the dental offices could check on the status of their cases and also sign up for a rewards program based on the number of cases they placed each month with the lab.  For this, we created a custom version of DentalRx to provide the support needed for what has become a very successful fast growing endeavor.

#3 Rather than using their website, another lab decided to expand their use of the DQB Email Notifications supplement to provide better service to their customers.   To the standard notifications reports providing daily lists of cases received and shipped for each dental office, they added links to the online tracking systems of their shipment/delivery services for each case and embedded marketing and educational messages they could easily change from day to day.  

If you would like to share your stories on how technology has helped you and/or your customers, we hope you will send them along for future newsletters. 

The versatility of DentalRx

We have often said that the best combination to meet unique software  needs includes a core of proven packaged software together with the capability of being customized for special requirements or wishes.  This has certainly proven to the case with the online prescription/communication supplement we call DentalRx.

Just about every lab that has implemented DentalRx has had it customized in some way, either to correspond to the goals of the lab or to meet the requests of their customers.   When a lab uses DentalRx, part of their system is web-enabled to host this service for their customers.   This is what has become known as the cloud.  We find that many labs do not realize that they have this capability and also that is not expensive.

The customers who can use this service are not only the dental offices, but also other labs who would be sending scripts or work orders and their associated files electronically.   If part of your offerings are to be a milling center or to provide specialty services to other labs, you may find DentalRx a worthwhile component of your system.  

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