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October 2013

DentaLab NewsOctober 2013
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If you disclose and/or certify materials

If you issue a case materials disclosure report with your invoices or certify alloys and zirconia by a method such as the IdentAlloy stickers, could you please send a quick reply to this newsletter.   Now in the design phase are new features to make these practices even more convenient and easy.  We would very much like to have your insights and input.  

Happening in October 

The October release for DQB 1.36 honors a number of requests from our users for various convenience features.  Compared to  the prior DQB 1.35, it is a relatively small release.   The full list is posted on our website.  The update takes only a few moments.   If you have an up-to-date service agreement, call for the authorization codes when ready to download.  

On behalf of the DentaLab user group, we thank all of those who contributed their good ideas for this release. 

This month we also upgraded to Windows 8.1 and found the enhancements much to our liking.  See the article below for more details.   We continue to test DQB in the Windows 7 and Vista environments, but are phasing out XP, which has allowed us to great simplify our installation and startup guides. 




Looking ahead to November

For those who have gotten behind, our open period  to catch up this year will be limited to the first two weeks in November.    Call us if you are interested in doing this.

For the USA Thanksgiving holiday, our offices will be closed on November 28 and 29.   For those in other countries, we will check email and voicemail during those days.  


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To Answer Your Questions

Q:  We have been using Intuit's Online Backup service to automatically backup our QuickBooks data.  Can we also use this to backup our DQB data?

A:  Yes.  If you have QB 2011 or later, Intuit offers an even better service called Intuit Data Protect.   If you want to back up just your QB company file, the current cost is $49.95 per year but if you want to backup your entire computer, the cost is $99.95/year.   Intuit's data centers meet the criteria of co-locations and a high level of security and reliability.   If you like (as we do) the concept of also keeping a local backup, the Intuit Data Protect service provides this option.  Through the settings, you control the schedules and types of backups.  

Q:  If we are transferring DQB to a new computer, do we need to get a new license issued?

A:  No, your license code is encrypted and embedded in your DQB database, so you just need to restore your data backups to the new computer.   A new license code is needed only if 1) you want to change the company name you use in DQB or 2) you are upgrading for more users or more supplements.

If you restore the DQB program from a trial media, you will first be in trial mode, but once you restore your data, you will return to being licensed.  


      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

For those who would like to learn

Along the way we have developed quite a lot of educational documents, some requested for articles in the dental lab trade journals, some for commonly requested guides, some for the dental lab software blog.   For those who would like to gain more in-depth knowledge, here is a sampling of some of topics.

From our list of the commonly requested guides that we can email to you:

  • Backup and Restore
  • Barcode Scanners / Barcode Supplements 
  • Case Label Selection  
  • DentalRx (for online prescriptions and other communications with dental offices)
  • Discounting Methods
  • Email Notifications 
  • Image Scanning 
  • Remakes and Quality Control Analysis
  • QuickBooks Performance Issues
  • System-Wide vs. Local-User Settings
  • Tablet Workflow App
  • Transfer Case Fields to Invoice
  • Uninstall and Move 

On the dental lab software blog, available from our website in Support/Knowledge Base or at

  • Dental Lab Case Scheduling
  • Coordinating the Desktop and the Cloud
  • Patient Safety Compliance
  • Surrounding Yourself with Good People
  • QuickBooks Synchronization vs. Integration
  • Surmounting the Scrawl  (on hand-written prescriptions)

Other avenues for learning include the online guides available from the Help button in DQB and Quickbooks, the tutorials and past newsletters available on our website, and our personal interactive webinars.

Windows 8.1

Microsoft has released its first major update to their new Windows 8 operating system. The update is called Windows 8.1 and has a host of new features. The biggest changes are:

  • You can boot directly into Desktop mode instead of the tile-based app user interface
  • The long-lost Start button is back....Microsoft has responded nicely to the uproar from many users
  • You can snap more apps side-by-side for better multitasking
  • There's also better cross-system searching, along with a search that ties into cloud-based SkyDrive storage

These changes make Windows 8 much more intuitive to use on a desktop PC. We’ve found many labs recently upgrading their operating system have noticed some patterns with usability issues. With this new update many of these concerns are resolved.

To get the update, you’ll need to open up the Store application inside Windows 8. You can click on the bottom left menu and then search for the Store icon or just type in Store. On the store homepage is the Windows 8.1 update. Just click this and follow the instructions to proceed with the update.  If already licensed for Windows 8, this update is free.

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