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December 2013

DentaLab NewsDecember 2013
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December and Year-End

Looking ahead to the upcoming holidays, we will be closed December 24-25 and 31, then January 1 for New Year's Day. 

While winter  has not even officially arrived yet, we have had four significant snow/ice storms, so we will remind you again that should we be prevented from travelling to our offices, we can still service you from our homes thanks to the latest technologies.    If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, please be sure to provide a clear review of this and how and where we can reach you in your telephone or email message.


Planning for 2014

Many of you have told us that you have made plans for the start of 2014, some for upgrades and enhancements, others for new systems.  If you will be needing our technical support and guidance, we ask that you not wait until the last few days of the year.   Let us know what you would like to do and together we can plan to give you the support you need to get this done.

If you still using Windows XP, be aware that in the spring of 2014, Microsoft's support for this will stop.  Since most of the updates have involved internet security measures, you will become much more vulnerable to hackers, viruses, data breaches and other malware if your XP station uses the Internet, .  To move up to Windows 7 or 8, first check Microsoft's information on the internet to make certain your computer has sufficient resourses for the new operating system.   A number of labs in the DentaLab user group have already successfully moved up and although needing some guidance and support, found it was relatively painless.  

Keep up with cases, anytime, anywhere

This is the title of an article in the Tech Corner of Dental Lab Products that will be published in January featuring our Tablet Workflow App.  This app provides for tracking cases through the lab using the touch technology of tablets such as the IPad and Androids.  It also provides analytics on timings for the various tasks involved in building a case.  Most recently, we have added case searches by customer, patient, pan.  

Thie recording of the task starts, pauses and completions updates the case item records in DentaLab for QuickBooks to track workflow as well as technician productivity. In conjunction with the publication of this article, we will be offering during the month of January 2014 a special discount to reduce the license fee from $200 per user to $150.   Call us if you would like to consider this possibility for your lab. 



    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To Answer Your Questions

Q:  What should we do to prepare for year-end with DentaLab for QuickBooks?

A:  We are often asked this question at this time of the year, but since DQB provides for flexible reporting by date range, you can always request calendar year-end reports. The same is true for QuickBooks.   If your fiscal year ends on December 31, you may want to provide for making an extra backup of your QuickBooks company file for your accountant.  

Q:  Does DentaLab for QuickBooks make use of the price levels in QuickBooks Premier?

A:  No.  When we discovered that price levels were much more limited in QuickBooks Pro, we determined it would be best to provide for price levels in DQB rather than relying on QuickBooks.  The DQB price levels can be by item or by percentage and can be assigned to one or more customers.  If a customer has just a few special prices, you can enter these in DQB and the remaining items will be priced as entered in each QuickBooks item record.   We have also provided for changing prices by percentage and for rounding.   

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Happy Holidays! 

We know from your calls that many of you have been inundated with work as doctors and their patients have been eager to have their dental care wrapped up before the holidays.

We hope you all will be able to take a break from your work to relax and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends....and here's wishing us all good health, prosperity and success in the new year! 

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Katrina Kornegay
Elite Dental Lab
North Carolina, USA

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