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January 2014

DentaLab NewsJanuary 2014
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At the start of 2014

The January release is DQB 1.37 and it has been posted on our website.   This release includes a number of enhancements suggested by labs.   We have found that labs are entering Action Required even when not sending email notifications and the Vendor and Vendor Return Date even when not creating QuickBooks purchase orders, so special enhancements were added to accommodate these.   The highlights are listed below.  If you have an up-to-date support agreement, you can call for the current authorization codes when ready to download.   The download takes just a few minutes.

If you would like to check the version you are currently using, go to the About box in DQB.   We recommend that you not get behind more than one or two releases so that your system can easily be supported whenever the need arises.

This winter season has kept us on our toes with continual snow and ice,  so we will remind you again that should we be prevented from travelling to our offices, we can still service you from our homes thanks to the latest technologies.    If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, please be sure to provide a clear review of this and how and where we can reach you in your telephone or email message.

The handy dandy tablet

"Keep up with cases, anytime, anywhere" is the title of an article in the Tech Corner of Dental Lab Products that will be published in January featuring our Tablet Workflow App.  This app provides for tracking cases through the lab using the touch technology of tablets such as the IPad and Androids.  It also provides analytics on timings for the various tasks involved in building a case.  Most recently, we have added case searches by customer, patient, pan.  

Thie recording of the task starts, pauses and completions updates the case item records in DentaLab for QuickBooks to track workflow as well as technician productivity. In conjunction with the publication of this article, we are offering during the month of January 2014 a special discount to reduce the license fee from $200 per user to $150.   Call us if you would like to consider this possibility for your lab. 

Thinking ahead to spring

We have already had some inquiries asking whether we will be offering group training this spring here at our offices in Pennsylvania.   We are always glad to meet you in person and would be very happy to do this.  Let us know if you are interested, some possible dates that would be workable for you and if there are any special topics you would particularly like to have us cover. 


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To Answer Your Questions

Q:  We are considering whether to include another desktop station or a tablet.   Can you help us with this decision?

A:  Another desktop station will give you the full functionality of your DQB license, but the combined cost of the computer plus another user will be more expensive than a tablet.   The tablet is lower in cost both for the hardware and the software, but focuses on tracking case workflow, checking adjunct case information such as case plans and communication, electronic images, adding technician notes, searching for cases. recording case item starts, pauses and completions, item timing analysis.

Q: How does a server/client setup work?

A:  We will setup one of the computers on your network as the server for DentaLab. This can be any computer, with the contingent that QuickBooks can be run on it uninterrupted. The DentaLab database will be installed on this computer.The client stations will then be pointed towards the server to access the DentaLab database.

This setup is ideal for speed, performance, and so every computer with DentaLab on it has the same case, customer, item, etc information. This setup is used when you need more than one computer running DentaLab.

Q: Which versions of QuickBooks can I use?  Is it OK to upgrade our QuickBooks?

A:  DentaLab for QuickBooks can synchronize with QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise.   Is is OK to upgrade to the latest version of any of these as a newer version will not affect DQB and everything will work normally.   DQB does not synchronize with QBOE (online edition). 


   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

What should be in your Startup folder?

Your Windows Startup folder should include an entry for each program you want to have automatically started whenever you start or reboot your computer station.   If you have a networked system, the host/server station for DentaLab for QuickBooks should include these programs in its startup folder.

The standard installation procedures for DentaLab for QuickBooks add these programs to your startup:

MSSI Connector:  This is used in the standard version of DQB to transfer informaton back and forth between DQB and QuickBooks.

IBIZ Connector:   This is used in the starter version of DQB to transfer informatoin back and forth between DQB and QuickBooks.

Both of these connectors use the same name:  connector.exe

The following will be setup only if you are licensed for the specific supplement: 

Notificator:   This is used with the Email Notifications supplement to keep continually check the date and time for a match in the notifications schedule.  Its name is:  DQBNotificator.exe

Autobackup:   This is used with the Automatic Job Scheduler/Backup supplement to continually check the date and time for a match in the automatic scheduler.  Its name is: MainstreetBackupClient.exe.

The Startup folder is available in the Windows Programs or All Programs list.  If one of the startup programs you need is in no longer in the Startup folder, you can call tech support for guidance on correcting this. 

DQB Release 1.37

Here are the highlights of the January release:

Action Required:  Follow up and Reporting

To monitor the action required messages sent to dental offices in email notifications, the following capabilities have been added: 

  •  Case Entry, the Action Required tab now provides for a follow up entry to record the date, entry by and a follow up memo.
  •  Reports–Action Required provides for reporting on entries and follow ups by the shipped date range for one or all customers.
  •  Reports–Cases Shipped, if an action required entry has been made for a case, it will be included in this report.

Create Standard Procedure from Item

From Basic Lists - Items, you can select an item to create a new standard procedure.  First you will enter a unique name for the standard procedure and then check which items you want to include, along with the quantity and number of days.  A window will next be displayed with the tentative procedure and here you can edit and re-arrange the sequence of the items as needed.

Cross-Reference Items to Standard Procedures

From Basic Lists - Items, you can select an item from the list and then go to the actions menu to request a report on the standard procedures that include the item.  You can also request a cross-reference report for all items to see which standard procedures include each item.   Each report will first be displayed and you can then request that it be printed.

Case Alert from Case Item Grid – Schedule Limits Exceeded

When editing an item from the case item grid, the system will now check to determine whether the schedule units for the item will cause the limits for the work center and date to be exceeded and issue an advance alert.  You can then determine whether to continue editing or to allow the schedule limits to be exceeded.

Vendor Information without Purchase Order

Previously if you entered the vendor and vendor return date in the Purchase Order tab of Case Entry, these fields would be retained only when you created the purchase order in QuickBooks.   We have changed this to also record these fields in the main case record so that they will be available for the Case List even if the purchase order is not created.   To see these fields in your Case List, go to the actions menu, then customize columns and check vendor and vendor return date.

Security Option to Prevent Access to Financial Analysis

For users at the Case Entry and Entry security levels, an indicator is now available to prevent access to the financial analysis options.   The default is off, but the Manager level person can set this indicator on.   Included in the Financial Analysis set are:

  • Reports - Production Analysis
  • Reports - Sales Analysis
  • Graph Reports - Invoiced/Remake Summary
  • Customer Center - Sales Analysis by Item
  • Customer Center - Sales Analysis by Sales Category

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"Dental Lab for QuickBooks easily synchronizes data to QuickBooks for simple and accurate statement creation and reports for my accountant. Scanning has become a big part of submitting cases for us as we scan all Rx's and custom shade diagrams for easy retrieval and also lot and batch numbers for certain items. Plus we download photos of our own or from the Dr. We have also taken advantage of the ability to add digital images to our invoices and statements. Overall, I have been happy with this software for over four years and would highly recommend it."

Kirk Randolph CDT
Randolph Dental Laboratory, Texas

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