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March 2014

DentaLab NewsMarch 2014
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Spring arrives March 20 and here are our spring specials....

It has been reported that the severe winter dealt a $50 billion blow to the U.S. economy.  Included in this were a great many patient cancellations for doctor and dentist visits and for our industry, less work for many dental labs.   We have been asked if we coiuld offer spring specials to help.  We have chosen two of the most popular choices for these:  

If you would like to store scanned images and electronic documents sent by the dental offices as part of the case record to save both time and money,  the license fee for the DQB Image Supplement will be reduced from $400 to $320, a 20% saving. 

If you have been wanting to add another user to DQB for greater efficiency, the license for each additional user will be reduced from $300 to $240, a 20% savings.

These special savings will be in effect until April 15, 2014.

And also a St. Patrick's Day special from Intuit

If you have been wanting to update QuickBooks Pro, here's a one-day special from Intuit that you can get through the QuickBooks link on our website (

On St. Patrick's Day, Monday, March 17 only, the offer is 40% off on QuickBooks Pro.

Very important: the end of Windows XP support is April 8

If you have been using Windows XP on a station connected to the internet, we strongly recommend that you update to Windows 7 or 8 before the end of Microsoft's support on April 8, 2014.   Almost all of the updates that have been coming from Microsoft have been to address the security needed for malware (hackers, viruses, trojans, data breaches, viruses, etc) that comes into your system via the internet. 

We have already supported many labs that have made the transition and know the compatibility issues that are involved.   We have added code to DQB to make the transition smoother and faster.  We ask that you update DQB before moving up to Window 7 or 8.   We are offering mercy even to those who have been neglecting their systems with reduced billings and dedicated support blocks to ensure that you take care of this important matter.


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q:  Is there a way to have all of the invoices we create in a month be due upon the date we issue statements at the end of the month?

A:  Yes.  In QuickBooks, you will need to go to Lists, then Customer and Vendor Profile Lists, then Terms List.  Create a new Term, give it a unique name and then choose to have it be date driven.  Because the last day of the month can vary from 28 to 31, some labs choose to have a date early in the next month such as 1 so they do not have to remember to change this each month.  Next, select the new Term for each customer to which it is to be applied.  

Q:  We have some items on our list that we no longer want to use.  How should we take care of this?

A:  You will need to indicate in QuickBooks that each of the items will no longer be used by setting its status to inactive.  Before doing this, however, you should check to see if the item is being used in any of your current cases and if it is part of any standard procedures.  The easiest way to check is to go to Cases/ Special Items and choose the default product group and an appropriate range of case entered dates.  For each item, this will list any cases in the range that include the item.   To check on standard procedures, go to Basic Lists/Print Lists/Standard Procedures to check if the items exists in any of these. 

Once you no longer have any open cases with each item and have removed or replaced it in standard procedures, then you can set it to inactive in QuickBooks.  Upon the next synchronization into DQB, the item will no longer be available for selection.  

Q:  What security levels are available in QuickBooks and DQB?

A:  Both systems have an Administrator/Manager level to provide for top management of the system including setting up the other security levels.   In the Pro version which most QuickBooks users choose, the access areas that can be limited are:  Sales and Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable, Checking and Credit Cards, Inventory, Time Tracking, Payroll and Employees, Sensitive Accounting and Sensitive Financial.   The more advanced Premier and Enterprise versions offer even more levels.  

In DQB, the levels are Entry, Case Entry, Technician Plus and Technician.   Upcoming in DQB is a new feature to create custom levels which will provide for enormous flexibiliity.  See more on this topic below.

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Coming soon...even more powerful security

In the standard DQB system, we began with three security levels and later added two more.   Along with way, we have had customization requests for more detailed levels. In the upcoming release, we will be adding a new feature in which an unlimited number of custom  security levels can be created.   This will be available in Options/Users & Security and limited to those with manager/administrator authorization.

You will first be asked to name the custom level and then, if you wish, begin the selection with one of the existing levels.   This will generate a list of all the possible options and show a checkmark next to each option available at this level.  You can then add or delete checkmarks as you wish.  The new custom level will then be available to assign to new or existing users. 

The extra limitations previously introduced to limit access to financial analysis and to limit edit and delete case actions will be retained.   Two menu options will continue to be available only to the manager/administrator:  1) to update and assign security levels and 2) to restore the database.

How do the successful labs achieve their success?

From the phone calls and other communications that come our way, we can see that while some labs are struggling, others are doing very well.   Our vantage point has been the computer system and its software rather than the specifics of methods and materials involved in case production, but in the hope that it might help those struggling, here are some of the qualities we have noted:

  • The successful labs often develop one or more unique products or services.  This saves them from having to race to the bottom on pricing.
  • They develop firm policies toward the goal of ensuring they will be paid fairly and on time for their services.
  • There is a good balance between the time they spend on case production and the time devoted to marketing, financial matters, exxploring new possibilities, developing new efficiencies.
  • They recognize that part of their job is to continually educate their customers.
  • Although there is much disgruntlement about regulation, those in states with strong regulations fare better as this works to reduce competition from those who cut corners on quality, safety and compliance.
  • Their policies serve to develop trust and reliability in honoring the specifications and timings requested by their customers. 
  • They take the time to train their staff members not only on getting the lab work done but also in communicating with and serving their customers well. 

We would also add that they do pay attention to the dynamic role software plays in supporting their efforts.  If you have further suggestions on how to keep the dental laboratory industry strong and successful that you would like to pass along, we will continue this discussion in the future.  Our newsletter now reaches thousands of labs.

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