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July 2014

DentaLab NewsJuly 2014
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Several major accomplishments!

In conjunction with the July release, we have been working diligently on several major projects:

  •  Merge the starter system into the standard code
  •  Updating the demo system to include both the starter and standard versions
  •  Test use of DQB in the cloud with Amazon Web Services so that our users will have a choice between on-premise and on-the-cloud

We are happy to tell you that these projects have been completed.  If you would like to learn more, see the articles below and/or give us a call. 

For those with up-to-date service agreements, the release is ready to be downloaded from our website.  It takes just a few minutes and can be done at your convenience.  When ready to download, call for the current authorization codes.

How are you storing case digital documents?

In our support calls, we are hearing that the number of digital documents and files coming your way has been significantly increasing.   If not using the DQB Image Supplement, we would like to know how:

  • you are storing these
  • you index them for retrieval
  • these are being backed up

If using the DQB Image Supplement, we would like to know what types of documents and files you are scanning and/or receiving from the dental offices to store for your cases.

To help with this informal survey, you can simply send a quick response to this newsletter via email.   Thank you!

We have been pleased to see your response to our specials

We were happy to see a number of you taking advantage of our spring special to add more users to DQB at a reduced cost.  This tells us that there is a resurgence and growth happening within this industry. 

The other special we frequently offer has been the DQB Image Supplement since it has proven to have a rapid return on investment, provide for excellent digital document management and to save you lots of time and money.   Due to both its popularly and its usefulness to labs of all sizes, we are extending our summer specials.

The standard license fee for this supplement is $400 (USD), but during this special,  we will offer a 20% discount to bring the fee down to $320 (USD). If you have been licensed for DQB Starter and want to implement the image scanning supplement, you will need to update to the standard version.   The standard fee for this update is $200, but we will also offer a 20% discount on this.   The combined total for the update to standard plus the image supplement would be $480 (USD). 

These specials will remain in effect through September 2, 2014.  


  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q:  We are planning to upgrade our image scanner.  How to we let DQB know we have a new one?

A:  In Options/Case Settings in the front tab, midway down is a option to Setup Scanner.   Once your new scanner has been connected to your computer system, click this option to browse to the new scanner and select its properties/options.   You can reference its user manual to review which options are available. 

Q:  I setup a special price level for one of our group practices and gave it the name of the group, but am not seeing the special prices when I invoice.  How do I get this to work?

A:   This is one of the features of the system that requires two steps since a price level can be assigned to multiple customers.  Once you have setup a price level, go to the record for each customer (in Basic Lists-Customer or the Customer Center) that is to receive the special prices and select the price level.  Then the next time you invoice a case for the customer, you will see the special prices appear automatically when creating the invoice.  

Q:  Can we do an analysis of remakes in QuickBooks?

A:   The best way to analyze remakes is in DentaLab for QuickBooks, as this is a feature unique to dental labs. DQB addresses the revenue lost due to the reductions in billing because the case was a remake. You can find your amounts and percentages in the Production Analysis and Sales Analysis reports and can choose to view these by item, by customer, by work center. by product group, customer group. or rep for any date range.   

Some labs choose to setup remake items in QuickBooks.  The QuickBooks reports will show how much you charged for each remake item, rather than the revenue that was lost.     

   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

If you would like to move DentaLab for QuickBooks to the cloud

We have found that most of the labs that use DentaLab for QuickBooks (DQB) prefer to keep both their hardware and software in-house.  For the labs that have expressed an interest in moving DQB to the cloud, we have tested and found its performance successful using the leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services.

The good news to this approach is:

  • You can continue to have the wealth of features available in DQB that have been developed over the years.
  • You do not have to perform data conversions or go through a transition.
  • You and your staff do not need to learn and setup a new system.
  • You can keep your customizations and request new ones.
  • The cloud provider will not have access to the program source code and therefore will not be able to easily view your confidential information.
  • If ever you wish to return to an in-house system, this can easily be accomplished.
  • Amazon Web Services offers a variety of programs for service and payment so you can choose whether to limit to a short period, to have elastic resources, to add extras if you wish.
  • Built into the Amazon services are two automatic backups daily. You can also perform your own, if you wish.  
  • You will have your own private space within the cloud and will not have to share a database with other labs.
  • You may be able to keep your current in-house equipment for a longer period.

If you are interested in pursuing this possibility, we have available a white paper giving more of the details and can offer assistance in the transition to the cloud.

We are pleased that technology and security have progressed to this point where we can now offer you a choice between on-premise or on-the-cloud.

DQB Release 1.39

Here is the list for the July release, which is also posted on our website.

Merge DQB Starter into Standard Version

To provide for greater cohesion between the more limited starter version of DQB and the standard, we have merged the starter code into the standard.  During a trial or demo, the user will be able to choose either one or both.  Once licensed, the license code will control which version is shown. 

The more traditional menu will continue to be used for the home page of starter.  With this merger, the starter version will gain more capability such as being able to access QuickBooks .invoices for printing and viewing invoice history within DQB.

New Option for Backup Alert

In the Options/Company Information/Backup tab, there is a new indicator you can check to have an alert displayed when DQB is launched by the administrator if a data backup has not been performed since the number of specified days.   The default number of days is 2, but you may specify another number.   The alert window will provide a convenient link to the backup screen.

Invoice Date/Time Displayed in Case Activity

In the center activities section of the Case Entry screen, once the Case Invoiced line appears, the date and time the invoice was created will also be displayed.

Mark Completions by Work Center 

Primarily designed to speed marking items being returned to lab from an outsource point but also useable for in-house cases, this is a new option similar to QC & Ship for marking case item completions by work center and scheduling/rescheduling remaining items.  At the top, the user can specify criteria for case items by selection of a work center and range of scheduled dates.  The initial scheduled dates will be the current date, but the user can override these from the calendars.

Matching case items will be shown in a grid with columns:

Case #     Customer    Patient     Item     Qty    Scheduled Date

To the right will be checkboxes for Completed and Continue Schedule

The user can check which case items have been completed.  Upon click to Update Selected Items, all case items checked will be marked completed with the current date and time.

If Continue Schedule is also checked for a case item, the remaining case items in the case will be scheduled or rescheduled forward from the last completion date to continue the case.  When items are completed early, this will serve to tighten the schedule and keep the work flowing.

Company Information Requirement

Since the license code validation requires that the company name be the same as when licensed, this information must continue to be present.  If a user accidentally wipes out the company name in Options/Company Information, the program will issue an alert and require entry. 

Standard Procedure Controls

We have updated the standard procedure controls to help prevent user errors and add to the ease of use.  The format of the entry screen has also been changed to include a left frame with the list of existing standard procedures but the basic functionality remains the same.

Option to Exclude Inactives from Customer Profiles

When you request the report for all Customer Profiles, you can set an option to exclude the customers now marked as inactive.

On behalf of the DentaLab Users Group, we send a big hearty thank you to all of you who submitted suggestions! 

If you wish to be removed, reply to this email with the subject "unsubscribe".


Customization is available for all products.

Contact us at 1-800-257-4535 or

"I hope the suggestions are helpful. I know they are things that would definitely make my experience with an already great product an even better one! Keep up the good work and I look forward to future improvements!"

Katherine Hopkins
Crown Dental Laboratory
Michigan, USA

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