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December 2014

DentaLab NewsDecember 2014
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Year-end tasks

We are often asked what should be done at this time of the year.  If you have not already done so, one task would be to setup your 2015 holidays.  These monthly schedules can be found in Options/Settings and should include specifying all of the dates for which you do not want to schedule work.

Since DQB provides for flexible reporting by date range, you can request calendar year-end reports at any time. The same is true for QuickBooks.

If your fiscal year ends on December 31, you may want to provide for making an extra backup of your QuickBooks company file for your accountant. 

Our holiday schedule

For this year's holidays, most of us will be treated to a five-day break for Christmas from December 24 through 28.  We will be back on the job December 29 and 30, then a half-day on December 31 New Year's Eve.  We will be closed on January 1 New Year's Day.   

Our end-of-the-year work schedules have us working hard and we know between these and the holidays, it is a very busy time for you too so this will be a short newsletter.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season with fun-filled heartwarming moments with your friends and families!


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q:  For some of our customers, we would like to have general preferences appear on every work ticket for them.    Is there a way to do this?

AYes.  Since customer preferences are available by work ticket and by item, you would need to select a work center or item that is involved in every case and place the text for the general preferences there.   If you choose by work center, some possibilities might be Preparatory, Safety Control, Quality Control, Shipping/Delivery. 

If you choose by item, some possiibilities might be OSHA/Safety Measures, Quality Control, Shipping/Delivery.  The item does not have to have a price associated with it.

Q:  What would you recommend as the best investments in our software to begin 2015?

AThere are many possibilities.   Two that are not expensive, very useful and pay for themselves very quickly are these:

  1. The Tablet Workflow App provides a wide variety of options to search for cases and their tasks and then  mark, track and measure work completions.  It has been designed for use with a tablet, but can also be used on the desktop.  The license fee is $200 (USD) for each user.
  2. The Images Supplement to capture, store and easily access digital images from a scanner, a camera or sent in by the dental office.   Labs are using these for a wide variety of purposes for coordination, providing information, archival. The license fee of $400 (USD) covers all users.
      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Looking back, looking forward

From the feedback given to us by you, here are some of the features of DentaLab for QuickBooks that were highly used and appreciated this past year:

  • The Home Page dashboards...many labs do pay attention to these to visually check on the progress of their cases throughout the day.   A number of labs tuned into the drill-down features that allow you to click from a dashboard to see the case details.
  • Digital images and documents from scanning, from the dental offices, and most recently from digital USB cameras are becoming highly used by labs for case coordination and for retaining histories.
  • Compliance features that DQB makes getting this job done easily such as tracking the history of the production of the case including who performed the work, documenting issues and how they were resolved, case materials disclosure, adding notes to invoices as to the location where the work was performed.
  • Pride features that say your work was performed in your own country and is helping to keep its economy strong.  
  • Online shipment tracking  that is conveniently available both for the lab and on daily email notification reports sent to the dental offices.  

Some upcoming features in early 2015 that we think many of you will particularly like are:

  • An improved Customer Center that will provide your business development personnel with more flexibility to move back and forth among related customers and for each selected customer between each category of information.
  • The ability of mark Work Centers inactive. As the complexion of outsourcing keeps changing and digital dentistry continues to increase, there have been greater changes in work centers for scheduling.  This is necessitating this new feature that was hardly needed with the traditional in-house work centers.  Inactive work centers will still be available for historic cases, but not for selection within new cases or new standard procedures. 
  • Greater emailing capability for a specific case or customer directly from within the screens for their records. 

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"Very, very nice program!"

Ken Nichols
Aesthetic Dental Lab
Maryland, USA

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