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March 2015

DentaLab NewsMarch 2015
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The energetic spark continues...

For the third month in a row this year, we have been seeing an energetic spark in this industry.   A number of the labs in our user group have been expanding, adding more users, more capability to their software systems to support their efforts and growth.   The buzzwords we keep hearing are zirconia, digital images, more and better communications with the dental offices.

To encourage the easy capture, storage and access of digital images and documents, we will offer a 20%  discount on the Images supplement, reducing the license fee from $400 to $320 (USD).   For those who have licensed DQB Starter and want to upgrade to be able to store images and documents for their cases and customers, we will offer the upgrade to the single DQB Standard plus Images at a 20% discount, reducing the license fee from $600 to $480 (USD).   Thiese  special offers will remain in effect until April 24, 2015.

Looking ahead to April

Our next quarterly release is scheduled to be available by April 15.  This will be a large release and the full list of enhancements will be posted on our website.  When ready to download, those with up-to-date service agreements can call for the current authorization codes.

Our offices will be closed on April 3 Good Friday, but we will check voice and emails in the morning.


  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q:  We want to make it our policy to not charge for remakes.  Is there a way to have this happen automatically at invoicing?

AYes.   In DQB/Options/Invoice Settings, there is a setting for the percentage you will charge for remakes.   The default setting is 100.0%, but you can change this to 0.0% to not charge or any other percentage you wish.  The program will use this percentage for the invoice line amounts if the remake indicator in the case record has been set on.

Q:  We have items that will be produced both by traditional methods and computer-aided methods.  There are significant  differences in the time required for these.  How should we handle this for scheduling?

AWe would recommend that you setup separate standard procedures for each method and establish a naming standard to distinguish them, perhaps using CA in the name for the computer-aided method. You may also want to review and adjust the daily unit limits if the computer-aided methods allow for more production each day.

   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

For those who need a little extra guidance

If you have new or novice staff or perhaps personnel who only occasionally use DentaLab for QuickBooks, we hope you will take a look at the two new flow charts coming in the April release.   One of the charts focuses on the setups and scheduling flow, the other on daily case production.

The flow charts include icons you can click to directly access the entry screens in the system.   These will have Bold Black labels.   Others that provide guidance will have Blue labelsYou can also hover your mouse over the icons to read information on the step.  With Control/Click, you can access the section in the Help user manual for the related topic.

For the optional supplements including Images, Barcoded Case Tracking/Technician Productivity, and the Tablet Workflow App, we have used the color Purple for the labels.

The flow charts will be available for both the starter and standard versions.   Let us know how you like them! 

To both retain and expand your business

We recommend that you take a look at the Customer Center in the standard system and then allocate some of your time to use its ever-expanding capabilities to build customer relationships, keep track of activities and promises, and continually provide accurate personal communications.  Here are some of its outstanding features:

  • You can find customers in a large variety of ways, either specific ones or a list of those meeting your criteria.
  • The activity logs let you track your communications by topic and date, as well as alert dates for followup.
  • Alerts can be entered for pop-up reminders for yourself and your staff.
  • The center provides another way to view each customer's cases and case communications, track shipments.
  • Preferences by work center and by item can be entered for use during case entry and production.
  • Pickup requests can be entered and lists created.
  • A large variety of reports with analysis specific to the customer can be quickly accessed for viewing, printing, saving to industry-standard formats.
  • With access to the internet and an email provider, you can send emails directly to the customer and keep track of these.
  • Those who have licensed the Images Supplement can capture, store and access images and documents specific to each customer.
  • Those who have licensed the Notifications Supplement can setup and track email notifications on cases received and recently shipped.

The Customer Center provides a convenient way to review and coordinate a great deal of information for each customer.   Have it on hand before and during the contacts with your customers to help generate personable professional communication.

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Customization is available for all products.

Contact us at 1-800-257-4535 or

"One of the big appeals for us was that they offered a true synchronization with financial management. Being new to the dental lab industry but having some experience and familiarity with QuickBooks made choosing Mainstreet easy. We love the fact that DentaLab syncs seamlessly and instantly with QuickBooks. We can print invoices directly from QuickBooks or DentaLab and we really like that flexibility. We can also confidently run reports through either system and the customization that both have is priceless.

Another aspect that drew us to Mainstreet was their ongoing support for business development and growth. As our lab began to grow and we added new staff, Mainstreet was instrumental in helping to make the transition easy. The ability to add as many users to the software as we needed was a huge advantage and they really took the time to train our staff. They also did a follow-up with our new staff several months later to make sure everything was working properly.

The ability to customize the software to fit our needs was another tremendous benefit. I would definitely recommend any dental lab that is looking for software to go with Mainstreet.

Evan Jaffe, MBA
Mabel Dental Lab, Ohio

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