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April 2018

DentaLab NewsApril 2018
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It's April and the DQB release is ready

The second quarterly DQB has been posted on our website in the Support/Quarterly Releases tab.   Those with an up-to-date support agreement can call for the latest authorization codes when ready to download.   The highlights of this release are listed below.  The full release list is available next to the download link. Downloading is very fast and easy but if you would like support for this, just give us a call.  

The best new benefits included in your service agreement

Those with an active up-to-date service agreement can now have the DentalRx Direct app to provide more web services for their dental offices as well as themselves.   These services include:

  • Submittal of prescriptions from the dental office directly into the DQB case records
  • Transmission of digital files and documents from the dental office into the Images supplement of DQB
  • Highly secure encrypted transmissions to meet patient privacy standards
  • The dental offices can lookup the status and history of the cases they have sent to the lab
  • Ability to send pickup requests and other communications to the lab
  • Availability of shipment tracking information by major carriers
  • More complete easily readable prescriptions can be printed and sent with case materials
  • For the lab, reduction in case entry costs, revenue lost due to remakes, responding to routine questions on case status/history  
  • Options to customize content of prescription, services,display colors

Although this is web-based, you do not have to have a website to offer this service.   We will continue to offer the standard DentalRx versions for existing and new websites that can be more highly customized.   DentalRx has had proven success in providing better communications, less remakes, and supporting the transition to greater use of digital files and communications.   


The order bundles 20% discount continues

We have been pleased to see that both new and existing customers are taking advantage of the 20% discount on special order bundles we began offering in March. To coordinate with the new features in the April release, we are continuing the 20% discount on a number of bundles that include the Images/Digital Files and/or Advanced Backup Protocol supplements.   For example, to upgrade from Starter to Standard DQB plus Images, the bundled license fee is reduced from $600 to $480.  A 2-user DQB Standard license plus Images is reduced from $1400 to $1120.   If you would like the complete list of bundled options, please call or send an email. 

Upon request, we can create a custom bundle if your upgrade also includes either the Images/Digital Files or Advanced Backup Protocol supplement.   


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q: We know that remake figures are available in the Production and Sales Analysis reports, but does DQB provide for reporting on remakes for just one customer? 

A: Yes, you can go to the Customer Center, select your customer, then Reports.   On the right side of the display, select your date range and then choose Customer Remake Report.   While there, take a look at the list of other reports and graphs available for one selected customer.

If you service dental groups, you may want to set up a customer group for each one so that you can generate production and sales analysis reports that include both standard and remake statistics for the individual doctors in the group as well as the group total.

Q: We want to organize our items by work center.  Can we show the default work center for each item in the Basic Lists/Items grid?

A: Yes, you can add more of the item fields to this grid by either right-clicking while in the grid or using the Action menu at the bottom left of the grid to Customize Columns.  You will be given a selection list to check which fields you want to add to the grid.

Know also that there are other grids in the system where you can customize the columns such as the Case List, Case Items, Customer List.   When in these grids, you can also use your drag your mouse at the end of a column to reduce or expand it.  You can also click on any column header to sort the columns ascending, click again to sort descending.

Q: We mostly use batch invoicing and occasionally we invoice just a single case.   What are the advantages of using sequenced batch invoicing?

A: The main advantage will be that the invoices will be in the same order as the case pans, providing for a smoother workflow.   In addition, you can scan the barcoded case number on the work ticket to generate its invoice and optionally edit the invoice.   If the case needs to be edited before it is invoiced, you can use the entry field in the Cases menu to directly access the case, edit and save it, and return to scan/enter the case number to proceed with invoicing.  

"We seriously love it!" was the reaction from Chance Worsley after using this new option for several weeks at Killian Dental Ceramics.

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

April Release for DQB 1.53 and DentalRx

Here are the highlights of the new enhancements in DQB 1.53:

Customer Preferences Applicable to All Work Centers

Previously customer preferences were applied to a specific work center or item.  At the top of the screen for Customer Preferences by Work Center, you can now enter any preferences applicable to all work centers.

Once entered these will print on any of the standard work tickets.  If you have a custom ticket, you may request that the general preferences be added. 

If  you have entered general preferences in a specific work center and want to transfer them to the general field, we recommend use of the Windows clipboard.  Highlight the text, then right-click or press CTRL+C to copy, navigate to the general field and then right-click or press CTRL+V to paste.

Extra Time Cases – New Option to Limit by Work Center

In Extra Time Cases, you can specify the number of extra days in the schedule between the end date and the doctor's request date to find matching cases that can be rescheduled. You can now also specify to limit this to those cases that have a case item in a selected work center.

Basic Lists for Items – Ability to Customize Columns

If you wish to add more of the item fields to the grid, you can right-click while in the grid or use the Action Menu at the bottom left to select which of the extra fields to display in the grid.  For example, if you have assigned default work centers to your items, you can now show this.  Other possbiilities include showing whether an item is billable, whether it is a technician/labor item, if a technician has been assigned.

DentalRx Direct

For those who do not have a website or do not wish to include the link to DentalRx in their website, DentalRx Direct will provide for direct entry of prescriptions from the dental office into the DQB case records as well as the ability to transmit digital files and documents, requests for pickups and other communications, submittal of preferences, and lookup of current and history cases. 

DentalRx Direct will require that the lab maintains a service agreement and keeps their system up-to-date.  Mainstreet will install and setup for internet security to comply with HIPPA requirements.

For both the website and direct versions of DentalRx, the following enhancements are now included:

  • New user interface for prescription entry

  • Shipment tracking information for shipped cases

  • Progress bar for large transmissions


The following enhancements have been applied only to the standard version:

Remote Desktop Authorizations by Rep or Work Center

To date in User Roles/Security, logins and passwords could be assigned to lab personnel to limit access to specified functions in the DQB menu.   With remote desktop authorizations, logins and passwords can be assigned to limit access not only by function but also by information applicable to a specific rep or work center.

Reps are assigned to customers in QuickBooks, then transferred into DQB.  Typically this field is used to designate sales or business development personnel but it can be used for other classificatons. 

Activities will be limited to customers assigned to the rep for:  

  • Customer Center

  • Sales Analysis

Work Centers are setup in DentaLab for QuickBooks and assigned to case items for scheduling purposes.   Work centers may be in-house or at outsource locations. 

Activities will be limited to case items that have been assigned to the work center:

  • Scheduled Items by Date and Work Center

  • Master Schedule

  • Mark Items Completed

  • Production Analysis

If you have been thinking about a website...

It has come to be that there is an expectation that businesses and organizations will have a website.  Modern websites are expected to provide key information such as the location(s), business hours, contact information, a description of the products and services offered, some history/background on the business.   Before launching a project to create your website, you should determine your approach:

  • Do you want it to provide just your basic information with low activity, cost and maintenance? 
  • Would you prefer to have it be a focal marketing resource with continuing activity such as seminars, coupons, special promotions?
  • Would you like to have it be content-rich with educational topics, blogs, tutorials for your customers?
  • Would you like it to provide conveniences and services such as requests for supplies, prescription forms, labels?
  • Are your dental offices telling you they would like to submit prescriptions, transfer digital files, lookup cases and communicate with you via the internet?
  • Do you have a message you want to convey about your identity and reputation?
  • Have you developed media such as a logo, photos, colors, testimonials that you would like to reinforce your brand?

You can begin with a basic website, next add the capabilities of DentalRx to provide more service to your customers, all at very affordable costs.   The cost reductions you can experience with DentalRx can help fund the utility costs involved with having a web address and site. 

Our technical staff has experience with creating and maintaining websites and can help guide you to get started.  The DentalRx supplement to DQB can be added whenever you are ready to provide this service to your customers.


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