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July 2018

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If you have a summer lull...

Here are some very worthwhile low or no-cost updates to consider for your software:

SQL Server 2017 is now available to replace your prior version for database management.   If you have an up-to-date service agreement, there is no charge for the software but the time needed to install will be added to your timeslips.

Advanced Backup Protocol provides for the latest techniques for setting up automatic backups to multiple locations at the times you schedule, higher levels of security, a choice of encryption methods.   The license fee for this is $200.

DentalRx Direct provides a web portal for your customers to submit prescriptions and other communications directly to DQB, as well as send digital documents, lookup current and history cases.   This version of DentalRx is included at no extra charge as part of your service agreement but the time to install will be added to your timeslips.  

DQBT Workflow App for technicians and managers to record and monitor the progress of case items on a tablet or desktop.  With the July release, we have added the capability for technicians to update material disclosures as the case progresses.  The DQBT license fee is $200 for the first license; $100 for subsequent licenses.  

We have been scheduling update sessions just about every day and have been pleased at the reception given all of these by our user group of labs. 

The July release is ready

DQB Release 1.55 is ready for download from the Support/Quarterly Releases section of our website:

For those who carefully monitor their business, this release provides several new features for:

  • Remake/Adjustment Review with capability of directly emailing to doctor
  • Key Business Indicators with month-by-month comparisons
  • Item Classes for more detailed reporting of income and expenses
  • Material Disclosure updates by the technician as the case progresses in the DQBT workflow app

Two new time-saving features that we think everyone will like are:

  • Case Entry tabs highlighted to show which records have activity
  • Email templates along with the start of direct email capability from report screens.   This will continue to be expanded to more reports in DQB Release 1.56.  

For the complete list, visit the release section of our website.  If your service agreement is up-to-date, call for the authorization codes just before you are ready to download.

If you have been neglecting your software, you can call to make arrangements to catch up and to have a service agreement.   

Can you give us feedback on pickups and deliveries?

Concurrent with the increasing return to using local drivers, we have had requests to create a mobile app for the drivers handling pickups and deliveries.   Some of the features might be:

  1. Have the DQB pickup and delivery reports currently printed for drivers also formatted for use on mobile devices.
  2. Include the ability for the driver to mark completed tasks with date/time stamps and also enter notes.
  3. Provide for adding new pickup requests that come into the lab while the driver is enroute.
  4. Provide navigation tools for directions, alternate routes.

If you are using local drivers or plan to, could you give us feedback on how you are handling this, whether you would use a mobile app, and features you would like to see.


  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions....

Q:   When we had our records converted from a prior dental lab system, we did not realize how easily DQB could sort and select from lists.   Now we want to make sure we have our lists in better condition.   What can we change to do this?

A:  In QuickBooks you can change the name for any of the basic lists such as customer or item.  The name will typically be the primary sort/selection field.  You can also change the fields within the record such as item description, billing or shipping customer address.  

Be mindful that it is the behind-the-scene code that is used to link QuickBooks records that are synchronized into DQB and not the name.    Do not use an existing QB record for what is essentially a different item or customer.    Note also that once a QB record is used, you cannot delete it (so that it remains available for history), but you can set it to inactive.

Q:   When we get an error message that has Send to Mainstreet at the bottom, do we need to send if we can take care of the issue ourselves?  What happens with these messages? 

A:  No, you should only send when the issue is one that you can not resolve yourself and for which you will be requesting tech support.   The records come into the weblog section of the database we have for managing customer licenses, profiles, histories and support issues.  The messages typically have technical information that helps us determine what you were doing and if there is a conflict, operational error, or a transient issue such as not having resources available.

   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Prospecting for new customers

We are occasionally asked about software support for developing prospects into customers.    Here are some of the possibilities working with QuickBooks: 

In QuickBooks, you will find in the Customer dropdown menu an option for Lead Manager.   This provides for importing lists of prospects, recording information for multiple contacts and locations, developing a to-do list and notes, and an easy transfer to customer status.  

Some of the other software systems that integrate with QuickBooks and provide for marketing campaigns and more in-depth profiling are ACT!, Goldmine and MethodCRM. 

If you would prefer to work within your existing software, here are some of the steps you can take:

1)  In QuickBooks for customers setup one or more Type selections to indicate which are not yet customers or are in an initial stage.  Examples:  Prospect, Trial

2)  In DQB, for customer lists use the Customize Columns action (bottom left) to check Type so that this is displayed.  You may also want to show Rep. 

3) Train your staff to be on the lookout for those not yet customers.   If a prospect becomes a customer, the Type should be changed in QuickBooks.

4) In DQB Basic Lists-Customers, you can establish up to 10 custom fields to profile your prospects and customers.  Some possibilities include:  Specialty,  Organization Size, Priority/Status.

5) You can then use many of the options within the Customer Center for prospects as well as customers such as  Activity Logs, Alerts, Emails, Preferences, Profile and Additional Information. 

We do not recommend this approach for large volumes of prospects as they will be intermingled with your customers, but it can work well once a prospect looks promising.  It can be used to track those for whom you have extended an introductory offer.  

Using tools such as the DQB Remote Desktop Authorizations by Rep and MyQuickCloud, you can provide software support to your sales/business development personnel in the field.   

Measured in just minutes...

What we are talking about is the difference between bare minimum and great when it comes to aspects of your business such as customer service and record keeping.  

We sometimes get to see the lab's records when we are called upon to convert information from a competing dental lab software to DentaLab for QuickBooks.  We've been amazed how even the most basic contact information is incomplete and lists are not designed with key information for quick access.   We know from our discussions that there are many excuses:  every day is very busy getting the cases done, someone has the information in their head and just hasn't gotten around to recording it, we get by the way things are. 

When it comes to customer service, having the correct information, the alerts, the fulfillment of promises can make or break the relationship.  When you have just a few customers, you may be able to get by with what is in your memory.   As your business grows, this becomes impossible.   We know from our experience that recording information and notes is very important.   For example, just a few days apart we acquired two new customers that both had green as part of their names.  It took both complete records and consciously viewing these to assure that we were responding correctly to each one.   Because in this dental field some names are very similar, often including the word dental or words conveying quality and precision, we have had to train our staff on how to assure they are responding to the correct one with the correct information.

It is a very good thing to develop the habit of taking just a minute or two to record any information that might be needed in the future.  Our DentaLab systems provide for both specific fields and general note/memo fields for any other information.  Both in QuickBooks and DQB, information can easily be changed whenever appropriate.  If you have been one of those who neglect keeping good records, time yourself the next time you do add or change a record.   Typically it will be just a minute or two, sometimes it may even be less than that.

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