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March 2019

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On our March schedules

We will be welcoming the end of winter with these early spring specials: 

Because it has become very important to service those dental offices using digital files and documents, we want to make it even more affordable to add the DQB Images supplement.  The standard license fee has been $400 USD, but for the month of March 2019 we are reducing the fee to $320.   

For those who have licensed DQB Starter, you will need to update to the standard version of DQB to use Images.   The fee for the combination of the upgrade and Images is usually $600 but we will reduce this to $480 for the remainder of this month. 

The digital files become part of the case record so that you can access them in the wide variety of ways you can find and access the case.  You can review the capabilities of Images in the Products/DQB Supplements section of our website:

If you have been neglecting your software, this is a good month to review where you are and to catch up.  In DQB, you can go to your About screen to see your licensing and release levels.  The  latest release level is DQB 1.57.  For the major manufacturers involved in your system, note that already obsolete and no longer supported or soon to be in 2019 are Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008, Windows 7 and prior, Intuit QuickBooks versions older than 3 years if you are using any of Intuit's web-based services.   Let us know if you need help with this.  

Looking ahead to April 

Our offices will be closed on Good Friday April 19 in conjunction with the Easter weekend. 

The next quarterly release scheduled for April is DQB 1.58.   It will include new features based on suggestions from the labs for convenience and for more in-depth analysis of production.  

One of the new features will be a simplified entry screen for those cases that will be developed and completed at outsource locations.   If you like this new approach, let us know and we will adapt some of look-and-feel for the standard case entry screens.   For those cases that are partially done in-house and partially at another location, we will be recommending that you continue to use the standard case entry screens.

We have been keeping an eye on the capabilities of the QB Online Editions (QBOE) to see how close they are getting to the desktop versions of QuickBooks.  Two of the features that we considered vital that were not in the earlier versions of QBOE are now available.  One was sub-customers, which is comparable to jobs in the desktop versions, since we need these for the doctors in group practices.   The other was inventory to keep track of the materials used in cases.   Once DQB 1.58 is released, we will begin work on the adjustments needed to synchronize with QBOE.

The data privacy wave

The latest trend concerning web-based software has become "not too much, not too fast"  as news of data breaches, over-sharing and unauthorized spread of sensitive information have reached gigantic proportions.  Not only software developers but major technology companies and governments are increasingly concerned about protecting data privacy.  

In the dental lab industry it has become an important part of the service you give to  your customers to help them comply with HIPAA regulations concerning patient privacy.   As software providers, we implement the latest security measures in the DentaLab and DentalRx systems to ensure this privacy.  The Advanced Backup Protocol also provides for the highest levels of encryption when transferring information for backup purposes.   

You need to do your part by monitoring the use of authorization codes to access customer and case information and training your employees on safeguarding this information.


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions....

Q: Can we customize the DQB feedback form?

A: Yes, the standard feedback form identifies the case and provides for free-form entry of comments.   The most common customization for this form has been to add a rating system.   These rating systems vary from lab to lab.  Some use number ratings, some use stars, some categories such as Excellent, Acceptable, Poor.    Some look for recommendations.  

Let us know if you wish to customize yours.   Note also that in Options/Invoice Settings, you can indicate that your feedback form is to be automatically printed each time an invoice is created.

We have also had a request to add a feedback feature to DentalRx Direct.   If you are already using DentalRx Direct or are planning to, let us know if you would like to have this added.

Q: Can we discount by percentage as well as an amount?

A: Yes, when you set up your items in QuickBooks with Discount as the type, you can specify if a percentage is to be used.   You should also get to know how to enter a discount applicable to one item in the invoice vs. a discount applicable to all the items in the invoice.   We have a white paper that covers discounting.  Let us know if you would like a copy emailed to you.

Q: How do other labs set up to provide for barcode scanning of completed case items?

A: There have been a variety of approaches on this.   Some labs have the technicians do the scanning, but most have the supervisor or quality control person scan the work ticket when the case item has been accepted as complete.   There can be multliple points within the lab to do this.  To avoid bottlenecks, some labs establish standards for where and when the scanning is to be done.

Note also that all the methods for marking items complete update the case item record with the date, time and optionally the technician.   The methods include the tablet workflow app, the case edit and master schedule screens, marking items complete by work center and date, marking all items upon invoicing.    If you wish, more than one method can be used.

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

The components of efficient workflow

This past year we worked with a number of labs, all of them successful, all having been in business for a number of years, all having new ideas for their software and having one more thing in common...they all wanted to focus on improving their workflow so that they can continue to be the best choice for their customers.  Ideally being the best choice means a good balance between high quality and affordability, maintaining a reputation for keeping commitments and providing responsive customer service. 

Some of the ways your software provides for supporting an efficient workflow are:

  • Standard procedures for case design with flexibility for editing individual cases 
  • Accessing digital files and documents and making them part of the case 
  • Communication with the dental office whenever clarification is needed  
  • Marking case items complete to note the status, date, time and technician  
  • Monitoring case progress to assure that the doctor's requested return will be honored 
  • Addressing issues concerning the customer and/or case  
  • Ongoing training and guidance for everyone involved

To review more of the topic on workflow, you can go to the Blog tab in our website:

To discuss more of the specific details on how your software can support your efforts, just give us a call.

What are the ideal combinations for your dental lab software?  

When we first began offering dental lab software it was all about scheduling and then invoicing the cases.  Now if you search for dental lab software on the internet, the results will show a variety of offerings.  There is one that focuses on inventory for the lab, some jumping on the bandwagon to offer their solution as a web-based service, CAD-CAM companies offering computer aided workflow, one offering true synchronization with accounting/financial management (that's us!) and several with the traditional methods of case management. 

After years of first-hand experience with a wide variety of laboratory business models, we have found there are combinations within the software world that work well for the labs, their customers and the companies providing software services.  Spectrum Dialogue, the Voice of Techno-Clinical Dentistry, featured this topic in their February journal that is definitely worth reading.  If you would like to have a complimentary copy of the article emailed to you, send us your request.

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