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June 2019

DentaLab NewsJune 2019
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Beginning in the month of June

Keeping your dental lab software compatible with the surrounding software such as the Windows operating system, SQL Server for your data, the equipment drivers for printers and scanners, internet security measures and QuickBooks is critical to its ongoing performance. For those who have not kept their software up-to-date, we will have an open period from June 17 to July 19 to update to the latest version.   For those who request a helping hand, we will schedule tech support sessions.

Those who have an up-to-date service agreement are entitled to the update as part of your agreement.  Those who do not will be offered the update for a fee based on your level of licensing and when it was issued.    

You can check the About Box from the Home Menu to see if you are significantly behind.  The current version is DQB 1.58.   In QuickBooks, you can press the F2 key to see the year of your version and its statistics.  Contact us if you would like to plan for your update.

Also this month we will continue working on DQB 1.59 scheduled to be released in July.   With this release, you will see two significant additions to the Main Menu of the standard version of DQB.  One is called Apps and this will cover the modules that are primarily web-based:   DentalRx, Local Driver App, and Notifications.   The other is called Guidance and this will cover:  Flowcharts, About Box, Help/User Guide, Tutorials, and the Support Program. 

To enhance your customer service and to provide for more extensive ways to search for cases, we are adding three new criteria to search the case list and a new query/report to search by doctor plus patient and then print summary or detailed case histories.    Also after searching the case list, a case count will be displayed for the matches found for your criteria.  

June has been designated Appreciate Dental Technicians month.  We do and are happy to know and work with so many of you!

Looking ahead to July

This year the USA Independence Day July 4 falls on a Thursday.  Since summer Fridays tend to be quiet in labs and many of the USA labs plan to remain closed on July 5, our offices will also be closed both days.  We will, however, check to see if any emails and voicemails have been sent by our international customers. 

Summer specials to help you address digital technology

Many of you in the DentaLab user group have already addressed the increasing use of digital technology throughout the industry.   We also see that some of you are hanging back.  This type of transition always involves educational and financial considerations.   For those aspects that your case management software can cover, we are offering these summer special 20% discounts from now through July 31, 2019:

  • DQB Images supplement for capturing, storing and indexing digital files will be reduced from $400 to $320. 
  • DQB Starter upgrade to Standard with Images will be reduced from $600 to $480.  
  • DentalRx web portal with customization for existing websites will be reduced from $1600 to $1280.

NOTE:  The setup/security fee for DentalRx Direct (without customization) will continue to be $360.  All fees are USD.  

For further details, you can go to the Products section of our website (, request a flyer be sent via email, or give us a call.


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q: We have had a request from one of our customers to generate a weekly report on the work we did for them in Excel format.  Can we do this with DQB?

A: Yes, all of the standard reports can be saved to the Excel format.  At the top of each report you can choose to Print or Save.  If you save, you can next choose from a list of industry standard formats including Excel.  

Most of the reports include selection of a range of dates from two graphic calendars.  If your customer wants a report on their invoiced cases, you can select the Invoice Register and then the customer.  If they want a report that includes cases in progress, you would choose specific criteria in Reports/Cases By Date & Status for a single customer.  You can also work from the Case List by entering your dates and customer criteria, choosing your columns of information, generating the list and then right-clicking to export to an Excel list. 

Q: When we receive an error message and then click Send to Mainstreet, what happens with this?

A: The full error message is sent via the internet to the weblog within our License Manager that is used to record customer and prospect basic information plus history and support logs.  If you wish to have us address your error, you should also contact us by phone or email.   The details in the error message can help us pinpoint and resolve an issue.   

If you learn how to handle certain errors such as running out of memory or when someone at your lab has locked a record, you do not need to send the error to us.  If you would like tech support and guidance on your issue, however, then it is wise to send the error message to us.   

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Advanced Backup Protocol....why it is considered the best protection for your data

We have found that there is an inherit flaw in most of the modern full computer online backup services such as those offered by Carbonite and Veeam.   This is because they often do not backup SQL Server databases because they are constantly in use and cannot be copied when they are in use.   They also do not typically perform integrity checks on every backup.

We now offer the Advanced Backup Protocol (ABP) because it has been developed to ensure the backup capture of your DQB SQL database. In addition, ABP offers these outstanding capabilities:

  • Integrity checks are performed on every backup.  
  • Automatic backups can be scheduled multiple times during the day.  
  • The backups can be directed to local media and/or web-based locations. 
  • Various methods of encryption and security are available. 
  • ABP ensures full backups are performed, secures them, verifies their integrity, and runs consistency checks.

When you license ABP, we work with you to determine the best configuration for your automatic schedules, locations and security measures and then provide the installation and initial setup.  The one-time fee of $200 USD covers the license, setup and installation.  For further details, you can go to the Products section of our website (, request a white paper, or give us a call. 

Learning about hybrid clouds

Hybrid cloud services integrate in-house information technology (IT) infrastructure with other products and services to meet a business's specific and unique needs.  For dental labs, this means that each one can individually determine which information is good to share with others and which is best kept private and protected.

DentaLab for QuickBooks began as an in-house system and has gradually added more web-based features to meet the specific needs of dental labs and their communications with the dental offices that are their customers. It now fits the definition of a hybrid system and continues to provide choices for each lab on the level of security and internet access.  For example:

  • You can choose to retain control of your case management records in-house or place them with a secure cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services.
  • If transferring records between your main lab and auxiliary or outsource points, you can do this with a virtual private network (VPN) for greater security and privacy.
  • If you just want to have occasional remote access into the lab's computer records, you have a choice of low or no-cost services such as AnyDesk, Teamviewer.
  • To setup limited remote access desktops such as those for field sales personnel, you can do this in DQB and/or MyQuickCloud. 
  • With the DQB Notifications supplement, you can setup schedules to email your customers reports on cases received and recently shipped, along with shipment tracking information and marketing messages.  You can also setup schedules to email your lab management personnel reports on case management and status.
  • With the DentalRx Direct service that is included with your support agreement, you can have your dental offices submit prescriptions, send digital files, enter preferences and other communications, lookup current and historical cases.
  • With the Local Driver App, you can have your drivers use smart phones to guide local deliveries and pickups, as well as send and receive messages with the lab.  At the lab, you can monitor the location and progress of these.
  • The Automatic Backup Protocol lets you setup multiple schedules for automatic backups with one or more local and/or web-based locations and with a choice of security/encryption levels.

It is all about having a choice as well as a support program that can adapt to changing needs and technology.  We continue to provide for each lab having a voice in the standard DQB programs and/or requesting customizations for their own specific goals.

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