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August 2019

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New in August - DQB synchronization with QuickBooks Online

We had been on the lookout to see if the QuickBooks Online Editions (QBOE) were capable of handling case management in DQB and this past March determined that we could move ahead with synchronizing DentaLab for QuickBooks (DQB) with QBOE.   We needed jobs or sub-customers to cover the doctors in group practices, inventory features for those tracking their materials, classes, customer types and custom fields and these became available.   At this time, the rep field is still not available and the number of custom fields for the case invoice is limited to 3. 

We anticipated that this would be ready by early summer but in the midst of our development, Intuit greatly increased the security measures needed for other applications to connect to QBOE.  The new standards have also been adopted by other major vendors who offer web-based software in the ongoing challenge to prevent data breaches and massive payouts to consumers.  We will need to continually keep up with Intuit's security measures. 

We are now ready to make synchronization with QBOE available to those who prefer software as a service.  Except for those limitations imposed by Intuit,  DQB will continue to have the same capabilities that have been so successful working with the desktop versions of QuickBooks.  

Instead of a one-time license fee,  there will be a small setup fee to cover the extra security measures involved in the installation.  This will need to be performed by our trained technical support staff.  Then there will be affordable monthly subscription fees to cover the license to use DQB, ongoing support and updates.   We will continue to offer top-notch support, a voice in the development of the system and customizations upon request. 

From our work so far with QBOE, here are some insights: 

QuickBooks has achieved its ranking as the #1 accounting system in the world for being very intuitive, easy to learn, very reliable and capable.  QBOE makes it even easier for novices but relies on YouTube videos, icons and having the user navigate around and try out possibilities in the system rather than menus and help guides.  

It does not have the full capabilities of the desktop versions.   Intuit began with a very simple system and has gradually added more of the desktop fields and features.  We and others have continually submitted feedback to request the development of more of the desktop features.

We like that Intuit offers 3 ways for QBOE users to continue with their data should they decide to cancel their subscription.  Many vendors that offer software as a service do not do this.   The 3 ways are:  1) Upgrade and transfer fully to a QB desktop version.  2) Export selected tables to Excel worksheets.  3) View only for one year after cancellation.

Looking ahead to September

The USA Labor Day holiday comes early this year on Monday, September 2.   Although not the official end of summer, for many this marks the end of the vacation season and the start of autumn, school sessions, cooler days and more productive ventures.     Our offices will be closed, but we will check for emails and voicemails from those in other countries. 

When you are away from the lab

When you are away from the lab, perhaps travelling or home-bound, there are a variety of ways you can access your computer information system in the lab.  Some of these that have been popular and well-proven are AnyDesk, MyQuickCloud, Teamviewer, GoToMyPC.   You are able to access whatever options your level of authorization allows. 

Another even easier way to keep tabs on what is happening with cases and sales at the lab is to set up Notifications and chose which daily reports you would like to receive via email.   You can select from a list of reports already modified for email transmission or have us develop one or more new custom reports for you.    Once you have your account set up, you will be able to easily access the emailed reports from your tablet or smartphone even when you do not have ready access to a desktop/laptop computer.    


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q: We sometimes run into "out of memory" exceptions.   Can you help us avoid these?

A: There can be a number of causes for not having enough memory to process your transactions.  We can help you explore the possibilities for those on your system and provide recommendations for preventing these from disrupting your work.  

It is also a good idea to take the time at least once each year to review all the components of your system to assure smooth workflow.   Prevention of problems is always wiser than waiting for an emergency.  

Q: What is the best way to capture and record those long shipment tracking codes?

A: If you have implemented the Shipping Manager in QuickBooks,  the tracking numbers will be recorded on the invoice below the line items.  DQB looks for this whenever you access the invoice or request the tracking code and stores this in the case record.

Another alternative is to scan the barcode on the shipment label when in the Case Entry or QC and Ship options.  You can also use the keyboard but this takes more time and caution to enter the codes correctly.

Q: For documenting and  tracking outsourced cases, do most labs use work tickets or purchase orders?

A: The original way to track cases that are either partially or fully outsourced was to assign a work center to each outsource point.   There are many features in DQB that cater to the possibility of having work done at another location such as:

  • Two-sided work tickets were developed with one half with more details for in-lab, the other to go out with the case. 
  • For marking completions, a menu option was developed to do this easily by date and work center.
  • If work in the lab is needed to complete the case, it can move on to another work center. 
  • A menu option specifically for new outsourced cases was developed to provide for faster less detailed case entry.   
  • The reports on the status of cases can be used to see where the case is, when it is expected to return, when the work was completed, to analyze performance.  

This original method is the one that most labs that outsource use. 

Purchase orders were added at a later time for labs that wanted a legal document with specifications, prices and return dates.   These coordinate with the vendors and purchase order features in QuickBooks.    This is the less used method and has had just a few requests for added features in DQB. 

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

The web-based apps for DQB

There are now 4 web-based applications that work with DQB.  They are:

  1. DentalRx
  2. Notifications
  3. Tablet Workflow App
  4. Local Driver App

Having a web-based portal for the dental offices to submit prescriptions and digital files, lookup cases and other communications was the first of the DQB supplements designed to work with the Internet.   This was called DentalRx.   The successful implementation and ongoing reliability of this over the years led to many new features and choices developed at the request of both the labs and dental offices.  We now offer three choices on how to implement this:  

  1. Inclusion in your existing website with customization to coordinate with its look and standards. 
  2. Development of a new website with the standard web portal. 
  3. A simple link for the standard web portal available as part of your service agreement.  

The Notifications supplement began as a simple email transmission program to send reports on cases received and recently shipped to customers at scheduled times.   This has been expanded to include marketing messages and shipment tracking information, as well as the possibility of custom reports.   More recently we added internal notifications to send designated reports via email to lab management personnel at scheduled times. 

The DQBT Tablet Workflow App provides for technician and work center assignments, lookup of related case and customer information, marking start, pause, restart and finish on case items, timing and production analysis, monitoring by lab managers.   This was designed for use on tablets with touch technology but can also be used on desktop/laptop computers. 

The latest addition is the Local Driver App that provides for pickup and delivery lists available on the driver's smartphone with the ability to mark completions, record notes, interact with the lab, access maps and directions.   It also provides for monitoring the daily pickups and deliveries from the lab.   

Because of the increased mandatory security standards for Internet transmissions, we will need to comply with those standards on a regular basis.  Installations and setups will need to be performed by our trained technical staff.   Typically, there will be a small setup charge for this.   Then ongoing participation in a service agreement will be required to maintain compliance with security measures. 

Let us know if you would like more detailed information on any of these.

The great convenience of automatics

One of the goals of the DentaLab systems has been to provide you with the capability of setting up automatic actions whenever these are logical and wise.   These help to maintain standards, avoid errors and wasted time, and keep your staff and customers happy.   Along with these, there is provision for making exceptions and adjustments whenever needed.    Here are some of the most well-liked capabilities: 

  • In Basic Lists, you can setup your work centers and items for automatic detailed scheduling of case items to improve workflow and assure that cases are completed on time.  
  • Whenever you negotiate or grant special prices or discount percentages to a customer, you can enter them in a Basic Lists-Price Levels to assure they are honored when creating each case invoice.  
  • In Basic Lists-Customers or the Customer Center, you can enter one or more alerts to be displayed whenever significant actions take place for the customer.  If appropriate, you can enter an expiration date. 
  • In Basic Lists-Lab Notes, you can create your own dictionary of frequently used notes or specifications for easy insertion in text fields throughout the system. 
  • In Options/Case Settings, there are many indicators and choices you can make for case entry and tracking.   You can disable or require case entry fields, choose case label formats, select work tickets, specify how to handle remakes....and many other possibilities.  
  • In Options/Invoice Settings, you can indicate that you want to automatically print labels, case material disclosure, and/or quality control feedback forms whenever you create an invoice, select which case fields you want automatically transferred to the QuickBooks invoice, and other selections related to invoicing.  

Take a look at the variety of choices you can make throughout these and the other Basic Lists and Options/Settings menus.  When labs have crossed over from other systems to DQB, they very frequently remark how much more convenient and versatile it is and how it has saved them a great deal of time in their daily work.

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