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September 2019

DentaLab NewsSeptember 2019
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September...the back-to month

Although it is no longer entirely true, September has traditionally meant the end of the summer vacation season and the time to go back to school, back to focusing on business and ambitious goals again.    Here in Pennsylvania we are starting to experience cooler days and the start of the prettiest most colorful time of the year. 

We have completed the development of synchronization of DQB with the online editions of QuickBooks and we are pleased that Intuit has been focusing on measures to provide more rapid payments to you and higher levels of internet security in both their desktop and online versions.

Some digital specials and a fun contest this month

For those using DQB Starter:   We are offering a special bundle this month so that you can take full advantage of the digital files feature of DentalRx Direct that comes with your service agreement.  The offer includes an update to DQB Standard plus the Images supplement for digital files and documents.   The standard license fees of $600 will be reduced to $480, a 20% savings.

For those using DQB Standard:  You can add the Images supplement for $320, a 20% saving on the standard license fee of $400.    

If you are proud of your dental laboratory website and would like to show it to other labs, send us the link along with a message on why you are proud and/or why it has proven very useful to you.   With your permission we will feature your entry in an upcoming newsletter and on our website.   The best 3 entries will be offered a choice of one of the following:   

  1. Standard DentalRx Direct link for their web portal (value $360) 
  2. Images Supplement (value $400)
  3. If you already have the above two, up to 3 hours of customization (value $360)

These offers will remain valid until September 30, 2019.

If you do not have a website, we can help you to get started at a very affordable fee. 

If you would like to review all the benefits of having a web portal for your customers through DentalRx Direct, we can email a flyer that covers all the DentalRx versions.  Just let us know.

QuickBooks 2020 for Pro, Premier and Enterprise

Intuit has just announced the enhancements for the 2020 QuickBooks desktop versions.  You can find the full list on their website but here are some that we think will be of interest to you: 

  • You can automatically create payment reminders to be sent via email, choose the content of each email, tailor the message for specific customers, choose how many days after the due date that the reminder is to be sent if payment has not been received, select different number of days for specific customers.
  • Already announced earlier this year, those using the Payment Processing service will receive faster deposit of the payments into their bank account, just one day for many of the transactions. 
  • If you send invoices via email, you can combine multiple invoices into one email rather than sending a separate one for each invoice. 
  • A new Smart Help feature is available by pressing F1 while in QB.  This provides improved contextual content and search options as well as easy access to a live support person. 
  • For QB reports, you can horizontally collapse columns so they present only the information you want to see or to have those receiving the report see.
  • Users in the USA can now access upgrades directly within QB and the update can be accomplished with just a few clicks.   

    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q: How do cases get selected for the pickup/delivery report and the local driver app?

A: To be selected for daily delivery, there are two criteria:

  1. The ship method for the case must be checked (in Basic Lists-Ship Methods) as Local.
  2. The Ship Date for the case must match the specified date for the delivery.

To be selected for daily pickup, there are two criteria:

  1. The ship method for the case must be checked (in Basic Lists-Ship Methods) as Local.
  2. The request for the selected customer must be entered with a matching pickup date from the Customer List action menu to Schedule Case Pickup or from the Customer Center (DQB standard version only) - Schedule Pickup

Q: What is involved in moving to another computer?

A: At minimum, you should have the following ready: 

  1. An up-to-the-minute backup of your DQB database.  If using these features, be sure to include your digital scans and your DentalRx data.  
  2. Your archival installation CD.  If you can not find yours, Mainstreet can provide a download.   
  3. The link and authorization codes to download the latest release of DQB.
  4. A planned schedule for Mainstreet technical support. 

If you are also moving QuickBooks, you will need the comparable components for QuickBooks. 

There is always a definite sequence that must be followed for the move.  It is also mandatory that the installation media be used rather than just copying components as there are SQL database setups and Windows registry settings that must be performed.  The location of the QuickBooks company file will need to be adjusted in DQB and the QuickBooks setting for accepting DQB as an integrated application must be correct. 

When choosing your new computer, we recommend that it has an SSD hard drive and the latest version of Windows 10 (see the topic below as to why).

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Ongoing education and guidance

One of the ongoing challenges we have always had is to convince some dental laboratory owners and managers that software must be dynamic and provide support for the ever-changing requirements for advances in technology, new customer expectations, government and industry compliance.  

With this also comes the need for ongoing education and guidance not only for fulfilling prescriptions but also for performing administrative, business and customer service activities.   We offer this guidance in a number of ways.   Some are available to everyone at no charge, others are in conjunction with the service agreements that provide the funding for our expert technical support staff.   

  • Personal interactive webinars   
  • Help Guide built into the DentaLab menus
  • Individual support via telephone, email, onsite and/or remote access  
  • Blog with various topics on our website  
  • Monthly and special topic newsletters  
  • Library of white papers to be sent upon request via email   

If you are the one responsible for your computer information system, it is wise to take the time here and there to assure that you are taking advantage of these measures and also providing them for all the others in your lab who are involved.

The important new features of Windows 10

In the never-ending quest for more secure use of the Internet, Microsoft's Defender Advanced Threat Protection in the latest version of Windows 10 offers a number of significant new features.  Here are some of these: 

  • Controls have been extended to protection against ransomware, credential misuse and attacks that are transmitted through removable storage. 
  • Advanced machine learning techniques provide greater protection against apex attackers using innovative techniques to exploit vulnerabilities, tools and malware. 
  • The IT administrator can configure advanced web protection to define and then either allow or deny specific URL's and IP addresses. 

The complete list is very technical but if you are interested, we can send this to you.

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