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March 2020

DentaLab NewsMarch 2020
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Welcoming the end of winter

Here in Pennsylvania we had a relatively mild winter and did not have to avoid travel due to snow or ice.  We will be welcoming the end of this season with these early spring specials: 

Because it has become very important to service those dental offices using digital files and documents, we want to make it even more affordable to add the DQB Images supplement.  The standard license fee has been $400 USD, but for the month of March 2020 we are reducing the fee to $320.   

For those who have licensed DQB Starter, you will need to update to the standard version of DQB to use Images.   The fee for the combination of the upgrade and Images is usually $600 but we will reduce this to $480 for the remainder of this month. 

The digital files become part of the case record so that you can access them in the wide variety of ways you can find and access the case.  You can review the capabilities of Images in the Products/DQB Supplements section of our website:

If you have been neglecting your software, this is a good month to review where you are and to catch up.  In DQB, you can go to your About screen to see your licensing and release levels.  The latest release level is DQB 1.61.  For the major manufacturers involved in your system, you should have Windows 10 for your operating system, SQL Server 2012 for data management and Intuit QuickBooks versions not older than 3 years if you are using any of Intuit's web-based services.   Let us know if you need help with this.

When you would like a tech support session

It is best to call or email in advance to schedule when you would like to have a tech support session.  If a local hardware/network support person is to be involved, you can have them call us to work out the timing and details. 

All too often, we receive a call when the local support person has already arrived at the lab or when new equipment has been delivered with the expectation that we can drop whatever we are doing and provide an immediate support session.  

It is also a good idea to let us know when you make changes to your system or your authorized personnel so that we can record this in your profile and provide the appropriate guidance.

Looking ahead to April

In preparation for Easter, we will be closed Good Friday April 10.

DQB 1.62 scheduled for release in April is still in the process of development and testing.  Here are some of the new features coming your way.

1) You will be able add to Basic Lists-Doctor Materials while entering a case in the same way you have been able to add to Basic Lists-Tooth Shades.    

2) In Cases/Completions is a new menu option to Mark Vendor Returns for cases outsourced with a purchase order.  You can request a range of planned returned dates to see the cases in a grid, indicate whether you want to see only cases with an Open status, mark the Actual Vendor Return Date and, if you wish, set the status to Finished for specific cases.   

Also: In Case Entry/Purchase Orders is a new field for the Actual Vendor Return Date.   From the action menu for the Case List, you can Customize Columns to see the Actual Vendor Return Date. 

3) In Basic Lists-Customers, an indicator has been added to request pickups every work day.   You can set this ON if you want to have the customer added to the Pickup/Delivery report every work day.   Next to the Office Closed field will be a notice:  CUSTOMER HAS REQUESTED PICKUP EVERY WORK DAY. 


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q: Due to the coronavirus precautions, we plan to work as much as possible from home.  Will we be able to access the information in DQB?

A: Yes, with an internet connection you have a choice of a number of services that can provide remote access.   Call or email if you would like tech support on setting this up.  

Q: We use case stages and case types but are not sure how to use case categories.  Can you help us with this?

A: Categories can be used for any purpose beyond status, stage and type for which you want to classify your cases.

The case categories feature is optional and must be turned ON in Options/Case Settings/Additional Options if you want to use it.  Once this setting is turned ON, you will see Case Categories in the Basic Lists menu and can setup a selection list for it.  You will also be able to have a column for it in your Case List by going to the action menu and customizing your columns.

Q: We want to follow-up on cases that have been placed On Hold or sent Out for Try-In.  What is best way to do this?

A: In the standard version of DQB, go to Cases/Completions/Cases Not Returned.   Next specify to see the cases in these statuses at least X days.    The program will find the cases matching your criteria and show them in a grid.   You will be given the option to mark specific cases as Finished.  

In both the standard and starter versions, you can go to the Case List and request to see cases by status (On Hold or Out for Try-In).  If you wish, you can select date range criteria to the left to limit the search results.  If you want to see and/or edit the details of any case in the grid, just double-click it.   You can also export the results to an Excel spreadsheet. 

Also available in Reports/Cases By Status and Date, you can specify your criteria to generate a report that can be displayed, printed or saved to a variety of industry-standard formats.

Q: For DentalRx can multiple doctors in a group practice use the same email address?

A: No. In DQB each doctor has their own customer record and then associated records such as preferences and cases.  In QuickBooks, the billing customer is setup as the Customer and then the doctors in the practice as Jobs or Sub-Customers under the Customer.   When synchronized into DQB, each Customer and Job gets their own records.  When submitting prescriptions, digital files, looking up case status and history, and other communications via DentalRx, the email is part of the authorization measures to ensure correct access to and recording of information.

   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Security setups

The challenge of staying safe, insuring privacy for yourself, your customers and their patients when using internet-based services has kept software developers and providers on their toes.   Security measures have been ever-changing and more complex in the never-ending effort to assure compliance with industry and government standards. Some now also require multiple levels of authorization and refreshing access tokens on a specific schedule.  Rather than self-installation, these measures require setups by technically trained experts. 

Although some of our web-based services are included in your service agreements, the security setups required for these must be done by our personnel and will incur a fee typically in the range of $200 to $300 for the time and precision involved.    Initial security setups are required for:

  • Advanced Backup Protocol
  • DentalRx and DentalRx Direct
  • DQBT Tablet Workflow App    
  • Local Driver App

Within the standard version of DQB, your own security measures can to established in Options/Security and Users.   The administrator/manager for your system can setup users with logins and passwords for the original categories of Manager, Case Entry, Entry, Technician, Technician Plus as well as creating Custom categories with more intricate authorizations.  You can also specify if a user is to be prevented from access to financial reports.   

For remote personnel and/or locations, the administrator can setup Remote Desktops by Rep and/or Work Center.   These will limit information to the specific Rep or Work Center. 

In QuickBooks, the levels of security available vary by the versions (Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online).  You can access Security in the Help guide for your specific version for details on how to setup your own users and access limits.

The current expectations

It has been a gradual process but it has come to be that many customers now have expectations for the services you can offer to them.  For a number of these, your software can be a great help.   Here are some of them:  

  • Having a website that at least provides a summary of your services, your contact information, your hours and schedules.  
  • Providing a web portal for submission of prescriptions, transfer of digital files, looking up case status and history and other communications.   
  • Rapid response to questions on case details, invoices and payments, requests for changes, special considerations, and documentation.  
  • That you will share some of your expertise when it comes to choosing materials and techniques. 
  • That you will remember and honor their special preferences and requests.  
  • You will help them to always comply with patient privacy and safety measures. 
  • You will provide the highest levels of security possible for their payment processing information.

Software must be dynamic and responsive to ever-changing needs in this industry.  Our support program provides a proven way to provide the communication, development and education for this as well as the basic funding.   Our modular offerings provide a way to gradually implement new features and technology in an well-planned affordable way.  

We hope you will call upon us to help you do this.  Another good idea is to take a few minutes here and there to tune into our website to review our products, services and capabilities as well as the educational features.  The link is:

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