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June 2020

DentaLab NewsJune 2020
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Early summer specials to ease into digital dentistry

As digital dentistry grows, the dental offices are creating photographs and CAD/CAM files to be used in the design and development of each prosthetic.

The solution for those with DentaLab for QuickBooks is to add the very affordable Images Supplement along with a scanner and/or USB camera to revolutionize their entire document storage and retrieval processes. 

In addition, the DentalRx web portal provides a very convenient way for the dental office to transmit digital documents and files for each case.  This supplement also provides for submittal of prescriptions directly to DQB, lookup of case status and history, and other communications such as preferences, requests, and case planning. 

With this digital document management solution, images and documents are automatically indexed and stored so that you can access them within seconds. You can rapidly respond to queries and provide better customer service while streamlining the lab’s operations and saving costs.

To help you ease your way into digital dentistry, we are offering a 20% discount on three of the DQB supplements:

  •  Images Supplement, reducing the fee from $400 to $320
  •  DentalRx Custom for your own website, reducing the $1600 fee to $1280
  •  DentalRx Direct Security Setup (basic service included with service agreements)  reduced from $260 to $208  

These specials will be effective until June 30, 2020.

The ease of remote access

Over the years we have guided many of our users on setting up and using remote access to their computers at the lab.  These past few months the pandemic prompted even more to learn how to do this with safety and privacy so that they could keep up their accounting, cash flow and communications from their homes.  Some who had been apprehensive before said they were surprised how easy it was.

There are many choices available at low or no cost.   Call or email if you would like guidance on how to do this.

Keep in mind also that you can use the Notifications supplement to schedule reports to be automatically generated and emailed to yourself and/or your management personnel.   You will be able to access your reports from a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones.   


Looking ahead to July

This year the USA Independence Day July 4 falls on a Saturday.  Since summer Fridays tend to be quiet in labs and many of the USA labs plan to be closed on July 3, our offices will also be closed.  We will, however, check to see if any emails and voicemails have been sent by our international customers. 


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q: One of our customers has requested a copy of their price list.   How do I do this?

A: Many of the reports and forms in DQB can be requested for one specific customer.   In both the starter and standard versions, you can go to Basic Lists-Customer, then select the customer and request their assigned price list.   This can be printed or copied to a PDF (portable data format) to email to the customer.   In the Cases and Reports menus, a number of the reports can also be selected for one customer.

In the standard version of DQB, you can go to the Customer Center, select the customer and then review the large selection of reports specific to that customer.  In the Notifications supplement, the daily reports are also specific to one customer. 

Q: We want to focus on quality control.   Can you guide on how some of the DQB features can help with this?

A: Yes, when it comes to recording and analyzing quality control it is important to tackle this from several viewpoints.  These can include the customer actions and reactions as well as the internal work by individual technicians, by work centers and by specific items or groups of items.  

We have white papers available to give you an in-depth look on the records and setups needed to track and then analyze quality control and its related topics such as remakes, loss of revenue, and customer service.   We can also provide webinars or general support via email and/or phone on this topic.  

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Very worthwhile advances in technology

When there are advances in technology that cost little or nothing and provide greater accuracy, convenience and efficiency, it is a very good idea to take the time to learn how you can implement them.   Here are some of these worth considering: 

For backing up your information:  The Advanced Backup Protocol provides for automatically scheduling your backups, selecting encryption methods for security, having a choice of local and/or web-based storage.   There is a small fee for installation, setups and security measures but the service is included in your support agreement.

Providing a web portal for your customers:    DentalRx Direct provides for easy submittal of prescriptions that are typically more accurate and complete, transmission of digital files, lookup of case status and history, pickup requests, preferences and other communications.   To meet with HIPAA requirements, there is a small fee for installation, setup and security measures but the service is included in your support agreement.   DentalRx Custom is also available for those who want to coordinate their portal with the features of their website. 

Maintaining privacy:   For yourself and your customers it is important to provide for privacy on both financial and healthcare issues.  If you wish to be web-based, working with a major provider with high levels of security gives you the ability to limit access to the confidential information through authorization codes and encryption.  If you wish to keep control in-house but provide web-based features, this too can be accomplished with comparable measures.   You can also setup a VPN (virtual private network) to assure privacy while having remote access from multiple locations.   It is important to understand that to achieve internet capabilities, you do not need to subscribe to an online subscription service and give up having your own database and measures for security and confidentiality.  

Automatic actions for timesaving conveniences:  There has been a steady beat of options added to DQB and DentalRx to provide for setting up automatic actions.  Some have come from suggestions by personnel in the labs, some from our staff, some from technological advances.    Some examples are generating labels whenever you create an invoice, also feedback/quality control forms, marking completions, transferring case fields to QuickBooks custom fields, requiring entry of specific case fields, disabling case entry fields you do not use, recording who entered a case, event logging and tracking....and many more!

The DQB/DentalRx weblog

When you encounter an error and click the button to send the message to Mainstreet, the full error message is sent via the internet to the weblog within our License Manager that is used to record customer and prospect basic information plus history and support logs.  If you wish to have us address your error, you should also contact us by phone or email.   The technical details in the error message can help us pinpoint and resolve an issue.   

You do not need to send every error message to us.  There are certain errors you can learn how to handle yourself with perhaps a little upfront guidance from us.  Some of the more frequent ones include:

  •   running out of memory because too many programs are running
  •   when someone has locked a record and just needs to unlock it
  •   when QuickBooks is waiting for a response in a dialog box 
  •   when your system times out waiting for a response 
  •   QuickBooks and the connector are not loaded and you need to synchronize

Whenever you would like tech support and guidance on your issue, however, it is best to first send the error message to us and then call or email with your request.

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"Very, very nice program!"

Ken Nichols
Aesthetic Dental Lab
Maryland, USA

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