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January 2021

DentaLab NewsJanuary 2021
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What a year!

This past year has been one of continually changing news and then adjust adjust adjust.   The gradual returns from lockdowns to partial work schedules for both dentists and the labs created a need to know ever changing schedules.  Our programmers were able to quickly adapt both DQB and DentalRx for both workflow and having the ever-changing schedule information readily available for the dental offices and labs.  

We were pleased that a number of labs followed our recommendation to take advantage of extra time in their schedules to update their hardware, software, security and guidance.  As we start this new year, we are looking forward to renewed energy and enthusiasm to help labs implement plans for the software support they will need to thrive again.   

We are also pleased to report that to the best of our knowledge, all of the labs in our user group managed to survive the hardships brought on by the pandemic.  We had one report on a lab owner contracting the virus but then recovering and able to be back in the lab again. 

To start the new year

We are currently having an open period from now until January 31 with extra technical support for those who have not updated their systems in a while so that they can meet the current industry standards for computers, internet security and dental labs. We are pleased that a number of labs have scheduled review and update sessions. 

To help those who are just getting started with case management, we are offering this month a 20% reduction on DQB Starter bringing the one-time license fee of $600 down to $480.

We are also offering specials this month to help those who want to offer the DentalRx web portal to their customers, as well as accessing and storing digital files:  

  1. The DQB Images/Digital Documents Supplement is reduced by 20% from $500 to $400.  
  2. To upgrade from DQB Starter to Standard and license DQB Images/Digital Documents, the combined fee is reduced from $700 to $560.

Call or email before January 31 2021 if you wish to take advantage of these savings.

To repeat...

Because our offices are located in Pennsylvania where we will likely have snow and ice during the winter months, we are all set up to work from home if the roads are declared not safe to travel.  If you see news of this and need our support, it is a good idea to both email and call.  If you are given the option when you encounter an error, click the button to Send to Mainstreet to have the details sent to our weblog.

As long as we have power, we will be able to tune into our office computers and yours as well.  We will be using Verizon Digital Voice to have the office phone calls directed to our smartphones.


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions...

Q: We need guidance on which case fields to show on the QB invoice and which to show on the customer's QB statement.  Can you help us with this?

A: In QuickBooks, you can add custom fields to transfer case information to the QB invoice.   In DQB, go to Options/Invoice Settings to indicate which case fields you wish to transfer to the QB custom fields on invoices.  Be sure to read the on-screen guide for the Intuit rules to create these custom fields.   You will have a choice of patient, shade, teeth #. pan, enter date, request date/time, short memo.   Note that the QB versions differ in the maximum number of custom fields.  For example:  QB Pro maximum is 7,  QB Online maximum is 3. 

If using QB to print  your case invoices, you would typically design the layout of the invoice template to show the custom fields you have chosen above the invoice line items.  If using DQB to print your case invoices, the custom fields you have chosen are by default shown above the invoice line items.  You can request customization of your DQB invoice and, if you wish, have multiple designs and assign these to your customers.

For the standard QB statement, the invoice memo field is included for each transaction.  By default, DQB transfers the patient name to the memo field for this.  In DQB Options/Invoice Settings, there are 4 indicators you can set to add more fields to the QB invoice memo.

Q: We want to up our game when it comes to customer service.  Can you share with us some of the successful ways other labs have done this?

A: By being trustworthy, knowledgeable and reliable, you can continually reinforce your service and long term relationship with your customers.   You can also consider implementing services such as

  • adapting to new digital technologies to reduce costs and speed delivery times
  • providing online communications and information via a web portal
  • greater use of local delivery services to assure on-time deliveries
  • training your personnel to listen and to be gracious, knowledgeable and accommodating to your customers 
  • becoming aware and training your personnel on the features you have in DQB, DentalRx and QuickBooks to access information and respond to requests
  • letting your customers know that you value them and their input to create a mutually beneficial working relationship  

Both Intuit and Mainstreet have gained solid reputations for listening to customers and then responding with software features and guidance to provide many benefits to help them succeed.  


   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

What's coming up in the DQB and DentalRx release

Here are the highlights of the January release.  For further details and the guide to download, go to Support/Quarterly Releases on our website.  Contact us immediatly prior to your download for the latest authorization codes.  To update the software for your DentalRx web portal, contact our technical support team. 

DQB Case Activities - Continuation Case Added

If a case has been continued for a doctor + patient using the Prior Search QC Edit feature, the Case Activity set will now show: Case has been continued from prior case #____.

DQB Outsource Case Remake Indicator and Reason

A Remake indicator and selection of reason has been added in the left frame of New Outsource Case/Case Details.

These fields have also been added to the standard outsource work ticket.

DQB Backup Security Measures

Measures have been added to the standard DQB backup to comply with current internet security standards and help to prevent failures. 

DQB Consolidated Invoice for Customer Group

A new menu option has been added to Cases/Completions called Print Consolidated Invoice. This will provide for generating a consolidated invoice that includes all invoices for a customer group in a specified range of invoice dates. The invoices must first be created in QuickBooks.

To generate a consolidated invoice, the user will first select a range of invoice dates from two calendars and then select a customer group. The program will gather the invoices that meet the criteria and organize these into an invoice format on standard letter size paper. The selected invoices will first be shown in a grid.

The lab company name will be shown at the top, followed by the bill-to address from either the first invoice selected or a billing customer specified by the user. The invoice date will be the current date, the due date will be accessed from the first invoice or a specified case invoice.   The user can choose to Show the consolidated invoice and/or Print it.

If the invoice requires multiple pages, the page number will be shown on the bottom. Each invoice will include a header line in bold showing the doctor, patient, case #, tooth #, shade, memo and date requested. The line items will show the quantity, item description, price and line amount. The total amount will be shown for each invoice.

NOTE: You will be able to request customization of your consolidated invoice format.

At the conclusion of the consolidation, a total count of case invoices will be shown and a total amount for all invoices included.

DentalRx Pickup Request Email Alerts

As the administrator for DentalRx, you can indicate in your settings to send an email alert to up to 2 email addresses whenever a pickup request has been entered via DentalRx. The subject will be Pickup request received via DentalRx. The message will include the customer name, address and telephone, the pickup request date/time and the memo field that typically includes the patient identification.   

The pickup requests from DentalRx are also stored in DQB and available in Reports/Pickup and Delivery and in the Customer Center for a selected customer.


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Customization is available for all products.

Contact us at 1-800-257-4535 or

"One of the big appeals for us was that they offered a true synchronization with financial management. Being new to the dental lab industry but having some experience and familiarity with QuickBooks made choosing Mainstreet easy. We love the fact that DentaLab syncs seamlessly and instantly with QuickBooks. We can print invoices directly from QuickBooks or DentaLab and we really like that flexibility. We can also confidently run reports through either system and the customization that both have is priceless.

Another aspect that drew us to Mainstreet was their ongoing support for business development and growth. As our lab began to grow and we added new staff, Mainstreet was instrumental in helping to make the transition easy. The ability to add as many users to the software as we needed was a huge advantage and they really took the time to train our staff. They also did a follow-up with our new staff several months later to make sure everything was working properly.

The ability to customize the software to fit our needs was another tremendous benefit. I would definitely recommend any dental lab that is looking for software to go with Mainstreet.

Evan Jaffe, MBA
Mabel Dental Lab, Ohio

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