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October 2021

DentaLab NewsOctober 2021
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This month and next...our autumn 2021 specials

Here are our autumn specials to help you to coordinate with DentalRx for prescription submittals and transmission of digital files.

Upgrade from DQB Starter to Standard with

            Images/Digital Files Supplement         $   700.00    Less 20% (-$140.00) =   $560.00                                                                                                                                                                 

For those with a DQB Standard license:        

             Image/Digital Files Supplement           $   500.00    Less 20%  (-$100.00) =  $400.00

Initial security setup for DentalRx Direct           $   250.00    Less 20%  (- $ 50.00) =  $200.00 

DentalRx Custom for your own website             $  1600.00    Less 20%  (-$320.00) = $1280.00 

Note that the DentalRx ongoing service is included in your service agreement.  The above specials are shown in US Dollars and will remain in effect through November 2021.

In addition to the article below, our website ( includes a list of the many benefits for both the lab and the dental office.   Look for this in Products/DentalRx.


Not quite ready for release

We have had a number of setbacks for our programming with a concussion due to a fall, one hospitalized due to covid, extended periods without electricity due to damages to five local PECO stations caused by Hurricane Ida.   The planned October release for DQB 1.68 will be slightly delayed into November.   We will send a separate newsletter to let you know when it has been fully tested and ready for downloading.

Looking ahead to next month

Next month we will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 25 and 26, to celebrate the USA Thanksgiving. 

Since the holidays vary from year to year, you will need to start entering your 2022 non-workdays in your holiday table soon in anticipation for cases that will be scheduled into the new year. 

Be mindful also that there will be an ongoing transition from Microsoft Window 10 to 11. 


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions....

Q:  When we want to include extra information about a case, is it better to record it in the Short Memo or to create a custom field for it? 

A:  It is up to you on where to record this, but here are some factors to consider:  

  • Is this information applicable to most or all of your cases?  If yes, it might be best to create a custom field for it.  
  • Keep in mind the fields already available in the search criteria of the Case List.   These provide for very fast convenient searching. 
  • From the Case List action menu, you can customize which columns/fields you want to see.   Once a case list is generated, you can click on any column header to sort back and forth. 
  • If you choose Short Memo, the maximum number of characters is 20. To search, you can choose from the beginning or anywhere in the field.
  • If you choose a custom field, remember that for a case you are limited to 10 of these with up to 50 characters each. 
  • You can also make use of alternate fields that you have not used for other purposes such as Case Category or Case Type.
  • If the extra information is extensive, it is typically better to record it in the Case Notes. 

Q:  Can we offer the DentalRx web portal to our customers if we are licensed for DQB Starter? 

A:  Yes, for those who have a DQB service agreement, DentalRx can be offered at all licensing levels.   We recommend, however, to those who are offering digital dental services that you upgrade to DQB Standard so that you can add the DQB Images/Digital Files supplement to provide for the transmission and recording of digital files and documents.   See the autumn specials above.

Q:  What is the best way to set up for outsourcing cases so that we know when to expect return of the completed cases? 

A:  It is best to set up each outsourcing point/vendor as a work center in Basic Lists-Work Centers and indicate that it is for outsourcing.   For new cases, you can choose to use: 

  • Cases/New Case if you want a highly detailed entry OR
  • New Outsource Case if you want a speedy simplified entry. 

You can then determine the number of work days needed for completion and return by selection of standard procedures and items or standards for the work center.   Both the critical dates at the top of Case Entry and the scheduled dates in the case item grid will be set.   

If you primarily work with sending and receiving batches of cases, the option to Mark Completed Cases by work center and date range provides a speedy way to record the completion and return of the outsourced cases.  To generate a list, you can use:

  • Case Reports such as those by status and date to generate a report OR
  • Case List with criteria by date and status to display the cases in the grid with an option to export to Excel.
      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Worth repeating from last October on the DentalRx web portal

Over the years we have noted that many new concepts, products and services have met substantial resistance before ultimately becoming accepted and valued.   Sometimes we simply do not realize the value before being shown and experiencing it.   This has been true for smart phones, video streaming, bank ATM machines, debit cards, online shipment tracking, telehealth visits, standby power generators, vehicle backup cameras, government programs such as Social Security and Medicare ...and many more.

This month one of the labs in our user group sent us an example of a prescription where the doctor's scrawling was close to impossible to understand.  This meant that someone in the lab had to take the time to scan and email a copy of the script to the doctor and then call to work with him to decipher it. 

The labs that have implemented DentalRx to encourage computer entry for more complete and accurate prescriptions and digital files to come directly into the DQB case record tell us that this has resulted in major time  and cost savings, less misunderstandings and then less adjustments and remakes, and all around better communications and service for their customers.  

They also have told us that while some dental offices are very enthusiastic about their DentalRx service, others have been resistant.   For those resistant to change, you can take the lead by offering to show them in a personal webinar or a seminar the ease and convenience and many other benefits of submitting their prescriptions and looking up case status and history this way. For very little effort and cost, you can include informative flyers when you send invoices and statements. 

The standard DentalRx Direct service is included in your service agreement.  There is just a small initial charge for the security setups that are required by HIPAA regulations.  You can also choose to license DentalRx Custom to design a customized version to coordinate with your website and your own goals and preferences. 

For transmission of digital files, you will also need to license the Images//Digital Files supplement.    To receive alerts for transmissions from the digital dental providers such as 3Shape and Itero, you will need to be registered with the provider(s).

From us, you can request more detailed product sheets on Images/Digital Files and DentalRx and/or a webinar or discussion. 

A renewed focus on Materials Disclosure

Materials Disclosures are lists of the standard materials used for one or more items. In the USA, Canada, Australia and most other countries, the government requirea tracking of materials used in each dental lab case. Some of the certification protocols require this as well.   In DQB there are five areas that cover materials disclosure: 

1) Basic Lists-Materials Disclosure

Each Materials Disclosure set is first given a title or description up to 50 characters. Then each material in the list will have these fields: 

  • Manufacturer  
  • Manufacturer Part Number/Description 
  • Lot/Batch Code or Number
  • Entry By 
  • Start Date
  • Expiration Date

Having these set up provides for standards and speeds during case entry/edit.   The Print button can be clicked to generate a list of Materials Disclosures.

2) Basic Lists - Items

In Basic Lists-Items, you will have an option for each item to select one of these Materials Disclosure sets as its default, which will then automatically transfer to Case Entry whenever the item is included in a new case.

3) Case Entry/Edit - Materials Disclosure tab/Case History 

For a specific case, the default Materials Disclosure set for an item can be edited to record the lot and batch codes as appropriate. You can use barcode scanning to capture codes and numbers. You may also add new information.  You can also request a Case History report from the action menu for each case and this will include its Material Disclosure list. 

4) DQBT Tablet Workflow App - Materials Disclosure tab

For the technicians and managers using the tablet workflow app, changes and/or additions can be entered in the purple Materials Disclosure tab. 

5) Reports – Materials Disclosure

In Reports – Materials Disclosure you can search for specific manufacturers, parts and lot/batch codes to locate and report cases having used these in the event of a recall or for any analysis purpose. 

Let us know if you would like further guidance on this topic.

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