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February 2022

DentaLab NewsFebruary 2022
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DQB Release 1.69 has been posted

We have received many expressions of gratitude from labs for the alerts provided by DQB.  The alerts have provided tremendous help with handling the myriad of details involved in the management of cases and in responding to customer requests.  DQB Release 1.69 has added enhancements for these alerts:  

  • Backup Alerts  
  • Case Alerts 
  • Customer Alerts

In addition, this release provides guidance on these alerts as well as:   

  • Entry/Edit Alerts    
  • Invoice Settings/Alerts Tab

Full details are available in the Support/Quarterly Releases page of our website. Those with an up-to-date service agreement can request the current authorization codes when ready to download. If you have any questions or need further guidance, please give us a call.  

Our winter specials

Beginning with DQB 1.67, upon launch the program will display any monthly specials we are offering for DQB and its supplements as well as timely notices.

For February:

If you have done so already, treat yourself and your business to the DQB Advanced Backup Protocol.

This provides for automatic backups on the schedules you choose, to the media and locations you choose, with the levels of encryption you choose for high level security,   For added security and peace of mind, your backups can be both local and web-based.

The standard fee of $200 USD includes installation and security setup.  This month’s special reduces this to $160 and continues until February 28, 2022. 

For March: 

For those licensed for DQB Starter and wanting to offer the DentalRx web portal to their customers particularly for transmission of digital files to DQB, we are offering this special: 

  • Update to DQB Standard with the Images/Digital Files supplement  
  • Standard license fees of $700 wiill be reduced to $560
  • Will include installation and security setup for DentalRx Direct 

For those wanting to setup a modern website with the DentalRx web portal for their customers, we are offering;

  • Basic four-page website designed specifically for your lab
  • Will include  the DentalRx link to DQB for submital of prescriptions, transmission of digital files, lookup for case status and history
  • Fee $480.

The March offers will be in effect until March 31, 2022.   Note that due to ongoing security measures required for DentalRx,  a DQB service agreement must be in effect.

An inexpensive luxury

When you are working at your computer to manage your cases and must also respond to customer calls, one of the handiest things to do is set up dual monitors.  You can have one dedicated to your task at hand such as entering cases, creating invoices, or tracking workflow and then another dedicated to the case list or the customer center.    There is no need to interrupt your work and then navigate to another option to respond to your customer.  

Most modern desktop computers can support a second monitor.   On the back if you see another port next to the current port used for your monitor, you will be able to connect another one. Laptops typically include a video output port such as HDMI, USB-C or Display Port.  From the Display section of the Windows Control Panel, you can review and select the options you have available.  

Then when working on one of the monitors, simply move your mouse to the edge toward the other monitor.  Call or email us if you need coaching on this.



    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions....

Q:  We have one customer that requires a special invoice template.  Can DQB provide for this? 

A:  Yes, if you will be printing the invoice from DQB rather than QuickBooks.   We can work with you to create the custom invoice template.  Then in Basic Lists/Customers or in the Customer Center/Additional Information, you can select the customer and then specify the special template to use for them. 

Q:  We have increased our business by offering capabilities to other labs in our area that do not have these.  Can we have them use DentalRx to submit their requests?

A:  Yes, although DentalRx was designed for use by dental offices, it can be used by other labs. The lab would need to be set up as one of your customers in QuickBooks.  When applicable, in DQB you can set up and assign a special price level for the lab.   You may want to establish special standard procedures or product groups in DQB for them to use when specifying the work to be done.    Their entry for the patient name field in DentalRx can include their case number and doctor if desired for case identification.

Q: One of our Windows 10 stations has become very slow and sluggish.  Is there anything we can do to remedy this?

A:  Yes, we would recommend that you periodically perform a full shutdown.  With Windows 10 and 11, shutting down from the Start Windows button does not fully shut down the station but rather places it in hibernation mode.  This does not completely clear any residual use of memory.    If you are also experiencing errors regarding memory, there may be other reasons for these.  Call or email if you would like guidance on performing a full shutdown and/or addressing memory issues.

Q: I often have to change an invoice because what was entered during case entry does not match the completed case.  How do other labs handle this?

A:  There are a number of ways to handle this.   Here are some of the things other labs do to assure accurate billing:  

  • Train their personnel to mark the work ticket with changes.  
  • Customize their work ticket to have a section for changes.  
  • Make use of the Advance Bill/Estimate option available for each case to enter any additions or changes.  
  • Add an alert and indicate that it is to be shown when invoicing.
  • Offer the DentalRx web portal so that most of the entry for the case is performed by the dental office.
  • If using the DQBT Tablet Workflow app, train authorized personnel to enter changes.
  • Particularly for those who use batch invoicing, make it a standard to enter case edits and/or advance bills prior to invocing.
      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Maintaining control and privacy

We had been pleased to see the strong trend for organizations to maintain control and privacy for their core information while providing web services for a variety of purposes.   With more and more remote and web-based capabilities, it is very important that that you learn about permissions to provide authorization for access.  

You need to consider granting permission for:

  • Windows users
  • Installing new and updated software
  • Access to application areas within QuickBooks
  • User roles in DQB Standard

If you are offering the DentalRx web portal to your customers, you also need to manage the authorizations for your customers to submit prescriptions and digital files as well as to lookup their cases.  If you are using web-hosting or the desktop authorizations by rep or work center in DQB, you will need to setup specific permissions. 

In the dental lab industry it has become an important part of the service you give to your customers to help them comply with HIPAA regulations concerning patient privacy.   As software providers, we implement the latest security measures in the DentaLab and DentalRx systems to ensure this privacy.  The Advanced Backup Protocol also provides for the highest levels of encryption when transferring information for backup purposes.  

Establishing logins and passwords to limit access is not a difficult task.  If you would like to safeguard who has access to both your information and that of your customers, it is a very good idea to tune into what is possible.  If you would like our guidance on this, give us a call.

Good records and notes come in mighty handy

DQB makes it easy to keep complete and accurate records as well as providing a myriad of choices for recording notes about your customers and cases.  It is very wise to make this a daily practice and to coach your staff to do the same.  Here are some of the times having done this can come in handy:  

  • When more than one person needs to know  
  • When issues come up that need resolution  
  • To comply with government regulations and industry standards
  • To respond quickly and correctly to customer requests 
  • To assure continuity in patient care
  • When you need or want to take time off and need someone to take over your responsibilities  
  • When you want to sell your business or transfer it to others

It takes very little extra daily time to keep good records and this can save you from many hours of frustration and difficulties later.  

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