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March 2022

DentaLab NewsMarch 2022
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Continuing our winter specials

Beginning with DQB 1.67, upon launch the program will display any monthly specials we are offering for DQB and its supplements as well as timely notices.

For those licensed for DQB Starter and wanting to offer the DentalRx web portal to their customers particularly for transmission of digital files to DQB, we are offering this special: 

  • Update to DQB Standard with the Images/Digital Files supplement  
  • Standard license fees of $700 will be reduced to $560
  • Will include installation and security setup for DentalRx Direct 

For those wanting to setup a modern website with the DentalRx web portal for their customers, we are offering;

  • Basic four-page website designed specifically for your lab
  • Will include  the DentalRx link to DQB for submittal of prescriptions, transmission of digital files, lookup for case status and history
  • Fee $480.

These offers will be in effect until March 31, 2022.   Note that due to ongoing security measures required for DentalRx, a DQB service agreement must be in effect.

Looking ahead to April

Our offices will be closed on Good Friday, April 15.   

We have not yet determined the monthly special for April.  Let us know if you have something in mind that would help you to budget and implement an enhancement to your information system.

If you market your lab on 3Shape Unite and offer DentalRx

If you offer DentalRx to your customers and market your lab on 3Shape Unite with its DIY profile builder, you can add this to your profile:

To assure accurate complete case records with convenience and top level security, prescriptions and digital files can be submitted via the DentalRx web portal.  This will automatically transfer the case information and related digital files to our DentaLab for QuickBooks case management system.

If registered with 3Shape, the lab can be alerted that digital file(s) have been transmitted.  The digital file(s) will have identification added to link to the correct case record for subsequent access, backup and security.

In addition, you can use DentalRx to lookup case status and histories and also submit preferences, requests and other communications with our lab.

To register for use of the DentalRx portal, contact us at [your contact information].   

NOTE:  If other dental digital providers offer a comparable service, you can adapt this text for them.  You may also use it on your website.


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions....

Q:  We want to make sure we follow up on the cases sent out for try-in and the ones on hold.  What is the best way to track these? 

A:  There are several ways you can do this in DQB.  

  • First of all, when you are placing a case on hold or out for try-in, it is a good idea to also record the reason in the case record. 
  • In DQB/Reports/Cases By, you can choose Cases On Hold.  This provides for both on hold and try-in cases and includes the significant dates, the reason, and how long it has been in that status.
  • If licensed for the Notifications Supplement, you can setup an internal notification to yourself and/or a staff member to receive the Cases On Hold report automatically via email on the schedule(s) you choose.
  • In DQB/Reports/Cases By Date & Status, you can choose the status and date range to generate the report.
  • In DQB/Case List, you can choose the status and date range to list the matching cases in the grid.  If you wish, you can export the list to Excel.
  • When applicable, you can also enter an Action Required for the case, notify the customer, then follow through to monitor and record fulfillment.  DQB/Reports/Action Required can be used to track these. .
  • If you contact your customer to remind them to return the case, it is a good idea to also enter a dated alert for the customer.

Q:  We think it is time to start thinking about upgrading our outdated computer equipment.  Can you guide us on what to select? 

A:  Yes, this can be accomplished in several ways.   First of all, on our website in the Support/Knowledge Base tab, there is a list of the current requirements for DQB.   The list is also available in the user guide available from the Help button in DQB.   This guide is updated with each quarterly release. 

You can also call and/or email us to discuss your plans and when you determine your selections, request that we review these before you buy. 

If your plans include updates to software as well such as the Windows operating system, QuickBooks, and/or security measures,  let us know and allocate sufficient time to plan and schedule technical support.

Q:  We have received a notice from Intuit requesting app information and assessment for our QuickBooks Online subscription.  Should we respond to this? 

A:  This questionnaire will require a response before July 15, 2022. It ties in with Intuit's increased security measures. We have already set up a template for those synchronizmg QBOE with DentaLab for QuickBooks and responded to the questionnaire on behalf of our custom QuickBooks users.  Contact us so that we will be able to take care of this for you.  

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Do you know about internal notifications?

We have many questions and requests come our way regarding alerts.  We also receive many compliments and thank you messages for the alerts that are available in DQB.  

The February newsletter (now also available on our website in Support/Newsletters) and DQB 1.69 focused on this topic as well as the recent enhancements.  Because there are potentially many alerts involving cases and customers, we think one of the best ways to assure that you receive the timely alerts you want is to set up for internal notifications via email   Here are some of the recommended steps: 

  • Dedicate an email address to these that does not include a lot of advertisements or personal communications.   
  • If you have not done so already, request a license for the DQB Notifications supplement.   
  • In DQB Notifications, set up your dedicated email to receive reports on the schedule(s) you choose.  
  • Select the DQB reports you wish to receive via email.  If desired, you can request customization of these or new reports. 
  • In addition to your computer(s), you can also set up your mobile device(s) such as your smartphone or tablet to view these email notifications anytime anywhere.

Are increased internet security measures slowing you down? 

In recent months the #1 reason for support requests has been dealing with increased internet security measures. Often without any notice that these measures have been automatically updated, there is an unexpected block that prevents access to programs and data, new timeout issues, the inability to connect to resources within the computer network, the introduction of new levels of security.

If you are experiencing these slowdowns, know that we can typically track down the cause and in short order find remedies to get you and your computer information system going again. 

Another important part of our support program is education and guidance to help you understand and navigate issues such as these.

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