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April 2022

DentaLab NewsApril 2022
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Reminders and specials for April

First a reminder that our offices will be closed on Good Friday, April 15.  

Here are our specials this month, effective through April 30, 2022:  

Because it continues to be much needed, we are offering a 20% discount on the upgrade from DQB Starter to Standard coupled with the DQB Images/Digital Files supplement.  This brings the one-time license fee of $700 down to $560 USD.  

For those already licensed for DQB Standard, the 20% discount can be applied to DQB Images/Digital Files, bringing the $500 license fee down to $400 USD.  

Also because it is highly useful and very much needed for safeguarding your information, we ae offering a 20% discount on the Advanced Backup Protocol, bring the $200 fee down to $160 USD.  

Let us know if you would like more details on any of these.

Providing a DentalRx portal is a win-win

DentalRx has been one of those proven winners for everyone involved. 

It is a win for your customers because it provides an easy convenient way to submit prescriptions as well as the digital files and documents for the case.  The services requested are already part of your DQB tables for standard procedures and items specific to your lab.   The prescriptions are typically easier to read, more accurate and complete.  The dental office can easily add communications specific to the case, instructions for standing preferences and/or enter requests.   Then they can conveniently look up the status of current cases as well as review history cases.    

It is a win for the lab because it is primarily single entry of the case details directly into your DQB case records.   The lab can specify which entries are required for each case submittal.  Typically more than 95% of the case entry process has been performed at the dental office.  Having complete, accurate, easy-to-read prescriptions reduces the possibility of having to do remakes and adjustments.   If the dentist is registered with one of the digital dental providers, the lab can be alerted that a digital file has been transmitted.   Accompanying digital files and documents are automatically named and identified as part of the case record and can easily be retrieved/accessed in the same variety of ways the basic case record can.   They are also easily backed up properly for extra safeguarding.  

In addition, being able to quickly schedule and/or pre-book time for the case adds to the professional stature and premier customer service for the lab. There is a small fee for the work involved in the initial setup to assure adequate security measures to meet HIPAA compliance, but then the ongoing service is included in your DQB service agreements.


  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions....

Q:  Can I set myself up as a customer to make it easy to enter alerts and reminders to myself while in DQB? 

A:  Yes, this could work.  We would recommend that you take care to limit your entries to notes, reminders and dates and not enter any inappropriate financial transactions.   In addition to the Alerts, you could also use the Activity Logs and Email conveniences in the Customer Center. 

Q:  Can we set up standard procedures particularly for the cases from one group practice? 

A:  Yes, we would recommend that you begin the name of the standard procedure with the most prominent part of the group's name and then also include the name of the procedure.  Keep in mind that whenever it is appropriate, you can begin a new procedure by making a copy of an existing one and then editing as needed.   You can enter alerts for the customers in the group to guide case entry to use these special procedures. 

Note, however, that there are no measures at this time to prevent these procedures from being used for other customers. 

Q:  Can you give us guidance on how we should select the Images tab vs the Documents tab in Case Entry? 

A:  Yes, the Images tab is for digital images in the JPG/JPEG format.  Typically these include images scanned in-house, captured with a camera, or sent from the dental office via email or the DentalRx web portal.  The Documents tab was later added to provide for all other digital documents associated with a case.

Worth knowing are the most widely accepted digital formats that have become industry standards for compatibility: 

  • JPG/JPEG for the best capture of visual components, developed for photographers   
  • DOC/DOCX for text/word processing, developed for Microsoft Word now also available from other text/word processing providers
  • HTML/XML/STL are mark-up languages for precision in creating information transfers, graphics, products
   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

If you are considering QuickBooks Online

We are pleased to let you know that DentaLab for QuickBooks (DQB) synchronization with the online editions of QuickBooks (QBOE) has been very successful. 

We have has a steady beat of installations of DQB synchronized with QBOE for those who prefer software as a service.  This version has continued to have the same capabilities that have been so successful working with the desktop versions of QuickBooks.  

Instead of a one-time license fee, there is a small setup fee to cover the extra internet security measures required by Intuit.  This needs to be performed by our trained technical support staff. 

The affordable monthly subscription fees cover the license to use DQB, ongoing support and updates.   We will continue to offer top-notch guidance and support, a voice in the development of the system and customizations upon request for both online and desktop versions. 

We see strong feelings about both the online and desktop versions of QuickBooks.  Intuit has been directing its marketing efforts toward the online version for small-to-mid sized businesses, toward their Enterprise version for mid-to-large businesses.  In the forums we see the stronger loyalty to the desktop versions as many find these easier to learn and navigate and whenever internet access is desired, make use of the large variety of remote access capabilities now available.   From our vantage point as developers, we would like to see Intuit offer a less expensive version of Enterprise so that all their customers continue to have a choice. 

For those who have been using desktop but want to switch to online, we have developed a transition plan so that you can continue to have ready access to your case and accounting histories.

When your customers request information that could involve a lot of your time

Before you take on a time-consuming task, we recommend that you check with us to see what might already be available and/or what can be easily customized in your software.   Here are some of the solutions we have been able to provide to meet customer requests: 

  1. In the DQB Case List criteria, you can enter a variety of criteria for cases, generate the list and then export the results to an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. In DQB Reports there is a variety of criteria you can use to generate both detailed and summary reports.  You can then choose whether to print or to save to one of the industry-standard formats such as PDF or Excel to send to your customers. 
  3. The DQB Notifications supplement can be used to generate reports to a number of your customers.  Reports on their cases received and recently shipped are automatically emailed to the customers you specify on the schedules you specify.  You can also include marketing messages and shipment tracking information.  
  4. Providing a DentalRx web portal for your customers to submit prescriptions, digital files and other communications also includes reporting on the status of cases in process and history cases. 

Keep in mind that you can request customization of your reports in DQB, the Notifications supplement and DentalRx.   Typically report customizations involve just a small amount of work.   The tools provided by Intuit within QuickBooks for report selections and customization are also versatile and worth learning.  

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Customization is available for all products.

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"I think that it (DentaLab for QuickBooks) is an awesome application."

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