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September 2022

DentaLab NewsSeptember 2022
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Underway in September

As more labs have been offering the DentalRx service to submit prescriptions and transmit digital files, several new requests emerged: 

  • To be alerted when cases and digital files have been submitted via DentalRx so they can be promptly reviewed and scheduled into the workflow  
  • For reports and queries, distinguishing and analyzing the cases that have come in via DentalRx 
  • Providing for faster backup methods to handle the volume of digital files

We have also had requests to have an email sent for each case received via DentalRx but this would not be practical as the count increases. 

In the October release topic below for DentalRx is guidance on what is currently available and the new features that will address these requests.  Also developed for the October release are new features for outsourced work tickets.

Lab Lookup has been launched

Instead of a July release, our major development project this summer has been Lab Lookup.  This will be an additional web-based benefit included in your service agreements that you can offer to your customers so they can easily check on the status of their current cases as well as reviewing history cases.  Included for each case are a tracking link for online shipment services and a detailed prescription form.  The dental office will also be able to send messages to the lab.  Lab Lookup can be used with both DQB Starter and Standard and with both desktop and online versions. 

The authorization and case searches have been designed for use by group dental practices so that their staff can easily check for all the doctors in the group in the same session.  It can, of course, also be used for individual practices.  The first beta-test for Lab Lookup has been scheduled to begin this month.   If you are eager to provide this service to your customers and would like to be included in the beta-test phase, let us know.

You can also request a copy of the two written guides for Lab Lookup, one for the lab and another that is a template for you to personalize to give to your customers.   These can give you an advance look at the capabilities of this service.

Shipment of the most valued features!   

When QuickBooks started including the shipment tracking number on their invoices for those using one of Intuit's shipment management services, we added this field to the DQB case record.   This field can be populated in several ways:  

  1. Transfer from the QB invoice record if using one of the Intuit shipment management options   
  2. By scanning the barcode on the shipment label in Case Entry/Edit or QC and Ship     
  3. By manual entry   

For your staff, we included a link to the online service corresponding to the Ship Via field in the case record.   Here in the USA, this has been most frequently used for UPS, FedEx and USPS.  For other countries we have included additional services upon request.   

This convenient time-saving feature is also available for your customers with:  

  • DQB Notifications supplement for automatic email notifications of cases received and recently shipped   
  • DentalRx web portal when looking up case status/history 
  • Lab Lookup web portal when looking up case status/history

  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

To answer your questions....

Q:  How do labs use the feature for pre-booked cases

A:  The option for entering a new pre-booked case is used when the doctor requests specific scheduling for a case before the case materials or files arrive at the lab. The case is then entered and scheduled but marked as Pre-Booked.

We have also seen some specialty labs essentially requiring appointments for cases and using the pre-booked feature for these. 

When the case is actually received by the lab, the status is typically changed to Open/In Lab along with any fine-tunings needed for the information. 

Q: Do you have to license the same number of users for QuickBooks as you have for DentaLab

A: Typically no, unless the count is one.  In some of our largest labs processing over 500 cases a day, the user count for QuickBooks is just two.  The count for QuickBooks will depend on how many of its applications you are using and how many are highly automated vs involving user interaction.   The application areas involved with DQB are primarily sales and accounts receivables.  For some labs, purchasing and inventory are also involved.  

Q:  If we are already offering DentalRx is there any reason to also offer Lab Lookup

A:  Essentially DentalRx has been designed for use by the dentist and his/her assistants for submitting prescriptions and transmitting digital files and provides more comprehensive services.  Lab Lookup has been designed for use by the staff in group or individual practices primarily for checking on cases and sending messages.  Both have these features in common: 

  1. To lookup case status and history 
  2. To send messages to the lab

Knowing your target audiences, you can choose to offer either or both to your customers.   It is through the registration and login process that you distinguish which customers are to receive each service.

      With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Coming soon in the October release for those who offer DentalRx

Here is guidance on what is currently available for DentalRx alerts and analysis and the new features in the upcoming October release that will address the requests we have received.

When cases are submitted via DentalRx, the fields will include: 

  • The Entry By will be set to DRX.  
  • The case status will be set to On Hold. 
  • The date received will be set to the current date. 

Typically once the case is reviewed and scheduled, the status is changed to Open/In Lab.

Currently in DQB these are the ways to find these cases:

  1. DentalRx Cases option in the Apps menu  (in DQB Standard only)
  2. Case List with Entry By criteria DRX.  If looking for those not yet reviewed, the criteria for case status should be On Hold.

For the fastest most secure automatic backups, the Advanced Backup Protocol is a wise choice.

Here are the upcoming enhancements in the October release to help assure DRX cases are reviewed and processed.

Cases Menu:  New DentalRx Cases

For the case entry/list set we have added:  New DentalRx Cases.  This shows the case list with only the new not yet processed DentalRx cases that have entry by DRX and status On Hold.

Case Reports Menu:  Cases by Date and Status Report

Since the Cases by Date and Status report is highly used, we have added  an indicator in the right frame below the indicators for remake and adjustment only for:  Show DentalRx Cases Only

If the indicator is set on, working with the other criteria, only those cases with DRX in the Entry By field are included in the report.

Case Reports Menu:  DentalRx Cases

In the Cases By set, we have added a new report:  DentalRx Cases

Included in the criteria at top are:

Received Date: two calendars for date range, initialized  to current date, can be edited

Case Status: initialized to On Hold, can make another selection

The report will include cases with entry by DRX and the selected criteria.

Notifications/Internal Report:  DentalRx Cases

A version of above report including all cases with entry by DRX with the On Hold status is available for automatic scheduling and sending via email using the Notifications supplement for internal reports to lab management. 

DentalRx Option to Automatically Backup to Internet

This will be a new DentalRx option to automatically transmit digital files and documents as they are received to a web-based service.    This provides for indexing the folders by doctor and sub-folders by patient as well as a built-in backup for security.


Also in the October release...more automatics for those who outsource

DQB Options/Case Settings/Work Ticket Tab

In the Work Tickets tab of Case Settings, you can now make your choice for two types of outsourced work tickets: 

1 up portrait mode for outsource point

2 up landscape mode, left for lab, right for outsource point

They can be customized for format, paper size, colors and content.

DQB New Outsourced Case

In the New Outsource Case screen, you can choose between a standard and an outsourced ticket.  When you choose, your corresponding choice in case settings will be used.

DQB Action Menu for Case Entry and Case Lisr

From the Action Menu in Case List or Case Entry/Edit, you can also show/print your choice for the standard Work Ticket or the Outsourced Work Ticket.

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