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January 2007

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from Mainstreet Systems & Software... JANUARY 2007
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    Our older network, based on DOS and Novell, is over 18 years old and somehow lasted throughout 2006. Concerning about its age and the impossibility of replacing it, we announced at the beginning of the year that everyone still using our DOS-based DentaLab should start planning for a transition to newer technology. In November, we thought we lost the old network, but somehow Elaine did her thing and whiz-banged it back into action. We are now down to five labs who have service agreements and are still using the DOS system, but two of these will shortly make the transition. We know there are many without service agreements still processing with this old technology.


    During this transition, we have had tons of compliments on the reliability and simplicity of the DOS-based DentaLab and even some urgings to continue on with it. All of the other vendors involved at this level, however, have ended their support and there are no longer replacements available for the equipment needed, so we must move on. We urge all of those still hanging on to this old technology to recognize this and make plans to move on. We can not guarantee how long we will be able to run the data conversion programs needed to bring forth your essential information into a new system.


    REMINDER! It was strange, but nice that our East Coast weather was more like spring than winter for many weeks, but we are now waking up to more days with icy roads. If we are prevented from making it to the office due to snow or ice, we will still be checking both email and voice mail from our home computers. Be sure to leave your full name, lab name and telephone number if you wish to send us a message.


    Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.



    Here are more frequently asked questions from your calls, as well as their answers:


    Q: Just what is a server?

    A: The word server, like others such as communication and control, can have a number of different meanings and innuendos. It essentially means something or someone who provides service. In a restaurant, a server is someone who bring your food, in the judicial system, it is someone who brings court documents. In the world of computers, it typically means a device or a device combined with software that provides a specific service. There are print servers, fax servers, email servers, database servers. For DentaLab for QuickBooks, the term server has three levels of definition. For a single-station system, it is that same station and the data records reside on its disk. In a peer-to-peer network, the server is the station that is designated to host both QuickBooks and DQB and may be used for processing as well; the other processing stations are called clients and must connect to the host/server station. In a client-server network, the server is a specifc device along with software dedicated to servicing the data traffic for the processing (client) stations linked to it.


    Q: How much longer do I have for my DQB trial period?

    A: The number of days left is shown on the trial's Welcome screen, near the bottom.


    Q: Which forms can be customized?

    A: In DentaLab for QuickBooks, we can customize the work ticket, the case labels, and now the quality control feedback form. In QuickBooks, you can use the designer layout feature to create your own invoice and statement forms or to modify one from the list of templates Intuit provides. If you wish, we can also do this for you. Customization typically involves a small number of billable hours in the range from 1 to 4, depending on the complexity.


    With the same look and feel of QuickBooks


    DentaLab Tips & Techniques

    On our website at in the Support/Releases section is the list of the user group enhancements completed in 2006. For those with up-to-date service agreements, release 1.011.007 and instructions can be downloaded from the website. You will need to call for the current password. If you are not sure how up-to-date you are, in DentaLab for QuickBooks, from the top task bar, select Help and then About to see your release level. We strongly recommend that you keep your system relatively up-to-date, as experience has shown that the research needed to support systems that are way out of date takes longer and therefore can be far more expensive than what it takes to stay current.

    Also on our website in Support/Newsletters are copies of our most recent newsletters. These provide not only the latest news but also quite a bit of tips, techniques and other educational items. If you have not read them or if you have new personnel involved with your computer system, we recommend taking a look.

    The most frequently used piece of paper that labs send to the doctor with their case is an invoice. Some labs, however, chose other documents, particularly if a case is still in a try-in stage and not completely finished. One, having designated in his Settings to print completed items on the work tickets, prints another copy of the work ticket. Some print an invoice, but place it in pending status so that it will not appear on the statement just yet. With the latest release, we have added another document called the Quality Control Feedback Form. This includes essential information such as the doctor name and address, the patient, case received date and number, and a list of the case items. The generic form simply asks for comments and feedback on the case. We can also create custom versions of this form for those who have developed a quality control rating system. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for your lab, give us a call.

    Nathan Stiles is the new voice on the phone, serving as the primary liaison between the labs and our programmers, as well as the first level of technical support. He brings to the job much experience with computers, networks, accounting systems and website development. He will also take a share of the onsite installations in the year ahead. Very nicely, he and his family live close to our support office. He and Julie are the proud parents of six-month old very bright Melanie. In his short time in this role, he has received many kudos from our users.

    Sergey will be working on product development for the web-hosted prescription service planned for 2007, but will be available if his expertise is needed for technical support. If you have any suggestions for this service, send an email to him or Elaine.


    As we plan our 2007 updates to the system, we have several new suggestions. Let us hear your reaction and vote as to whether user-group funds should be used to develop these features:

    1) Working with the Dental Services corporate group of labs a number of years ago, we developed a version of the DentaLab system that provided for setting schedule limits and reporting by half-days. We now have one request to do this again.

    2) From DentaLab for QuickBooks, we now create three extra fields in QuickBooks that can transfer information from the case to the invoice. These are patient, shade and teeth. We now have a request to create and send the case pan code, the ship date and the doctor's request date.

    3) In our older DentaLab systems, we had an option at the end of each case entry to move on to another case for the same doctor. We have had a request to add an extra save button that would do this in DQB, so that the doctor does not have to be re-selected.

    Let us hear your votes on these via phone or email, as well as any other suggestions you may have. Please note, however, that we can not act upon any suggestions to change or enhance QuickBooks, except to pass these on to Intuit.




    Here are two news bulletins from Intuit on its QuickBooks products. With Microsoft's release of its latest operating system Vista, QuickBooks 2007 products have been developed and tested to be compatible. Earlier versions, however, are not supported under Vista and may or may not behave normally. As of May 2007, QuickBooks 2004 versions will no longer be supported by Intuit's technical staff.

    QuickBooks is the #1 selling software for financial management and accounting in the world. More businesses choose QuickBooks than all the other accounting software systems combined. Recently, it received PC Magazine's Editors Choice Award with the top 5-star rating for the best software.

    They also are very responsive to the needs and requests of their users. Here are some of their new features.

    Speedier Cash Flow

    For those using the Merchant Services of QuickBooks to process credit and debit cards, the turnaround time to get the funds into your bank account has been shortened. Typically, it will now take only two days.

    If you are interested in this service, call 1-888-335-4541 giving our company name and Elaine Whelan as the main contact person to receive special savings as part of our affiliate program.
    The Discounts

    The Affiliate Program, of which DentaLab for QuickBooks is a part, is now handled by Kowabunga. The banners on our website have changed, but the discount levels ranging from 15 to 20% for procuring QuickBooks products and services through will remain the same.
    The Centers

    The five centers from one Home Page for customers, employees, vendors, banking and company that were introduced last year are proving to be very popular and easy to navigate. We told Intuit that the only complaint was that some found the text too small...and were very pleased to see that the 2007 versions have bigger fonts and brighter, more colorful icons.
    The Tutorials

    In addition, there are a number of helps or guides, including online Help with topics, indices and searches, context-sensitive guides as you enter fields.

    For one-on-one help, there are many accountants and Pro-Advisors who are expert, educated and experienced with QuickBooks to help you.

    Training courses are available throughout the world. On their websites ( and are a number of tutorials to help you get started and to guide you at any time you need it.

    Google Searches

    The 2007 versions introduce new options to do Google searches within your QuickBooks data. In addition, a new service for Google Marketing Tools is available.

    Together, QuickBooks plus DentaLab for QuickBooks provide the most comprehensive well-supported software for running your dental lab…and at very affordable fees. Let us know your plans and ideas and how we can help. We are always happy to hear from you.

    Your DentaLab Support Team


    Customization is available for all products

    Dental RX
    We have been working with dentists on an alternate version of DentalRx that will be web-hosted and offered as an online service. The initial version will be for the USA and will include ADA insurance codes and dentist notes and preferences. Our goals for this second version remain the same:

    • Easier-to-read prescriptions
    • Provide accuracy and consistency
    • Fewer errors due to misunderstanding between doctors and labs
    • Convenient tooth chart and calendar
    • Secured access
    • Time and cost-saving features
    And much more...look for this in 2007

    Call 1-800-257-4535 or visit to learn more about Mainstreet Systems and our software designed specifically for dental laboratories.

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