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April 2007


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April 2007

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"Park Avenue" Software at "Main Street" Prices

This past month when the Journal of Dental Technology was interviewing us about DentaLab for QuickBooks, we were asked how do we do do we manage to offer software comparable to the most expensive dental laboratory systems at affordable prices?

Part of the answer is that we are affiliated with Intuit, a highly rated company with sales of over two billion dollars a year, for the accounting and financial management aspects of our synchronized software. This allows us to concentrate on the features involved with laboratory case management and production.

Another important aspect is our user group/support system that provides a foundation for partially funding continual enhancements to the system. Whatever time we do not spend on technical support goes to improving the system based on suggestions from users as well as our own staff and technological advances. This includes both program development and educational materials. Because our goals are much in synch with Intuit's to provide software that is easy to learn and highly reliable, yet very powerful in features and flexibility, we are not buried in huge amounts of support and have time to dedicate to continual enhancements.

And thus we can live up to our company name and offer high quality software, education and support at Main Street fees..


Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: DentaLab for QuickBooks is already so comprehensive....what are some of the customizations you do?


A: Over the years, it has been our practice to include under the user group umbrella of funding and standard releases whatever would be applicable to a number of dental laboratories. There are, however, requests that go beyond this or are limited to just one or a very small number. Some of these have included translation into other languages, special reports for marketing and business development purposes, handling of unusual hardware and networks and multiple company setups.

We have built into the standard releases opportunity for many individual selections and incorporate custom versions of the case-related forms such as case labels and work tickets.

Q: Our version of QuickBooks provides for custom price levels. Why are there custom price levels in DQB?

A: Not all versions of QuickBooks provide for custom price levels and some versions provide for custom prices only by percentage and not specific to items. This is why we had to create custom price levels within DQB and use these to create QB invoices based on cases. From our many years of experience with dental laboratories, we knew that almost all labs offer individual pricing to dentists and dental groups.

Q: Who is your biggest competitor?

Our most challenging competitor is not another company, but rather time---or lack of it--and inertia in the labs. We find that many established labs get caught up in heavy work loads and long days with little time to take measures that might in the long run help them work more efficiently and at a more even pace, more quickly and accurately respond to doctors' requests, eliminate time-consuming activities, speed up cash flow--and all the other wothwhile things setting up a good reliable computer system could do for them. For those just starting up, acquiring customers and cash flow are the major hurdles when it comes to taking on a computer system.


With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.


User Group Meeting --Save the Date!

We will be heading north to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, in July to present a workshop at the Dental Technicians International Association's Leadership in Motion Conference. Our workshop will focus on how innovations in software offerings can help your dental laboratory succeed.

Prior to the main conference, we will have use of the classrooms and computers at the Glendale Campus of Niagara College on Wednesday, July 18. We will be inviting both prospective and current customers to come in for our own workshops and user group meeting that day. So save the date and start making your plans to come to this beautiful part of the world. To review what will be available at the main conference and check on extra activities in the Niagara Falls area, go to or call 1-800-874-4133 or 1-905-991-0684. This promises be a grand Edu-Vacation for all!

For those who would be flying in from USA locations, you can fly into Buffalo, New York, and then take the shuttle or rent a car to drive. If driving into Canada, you do not need a passport, but will need government-issued photo identification. For those flying into Canada or coming from other countries into the USA, a passport is needed

Please let us know by the July 10th how many from your lab will be coming and if there are any topics you would particularly like to have on the agenda.

Release 8 is Now Available

Our latest release for DentaLab for QuickBooks became available in April, just as targetted by Nathan. It is at our website in the Support section for those with up-to-date support agreements. You will need to call just before you are ready to download to get the latest password. A list of the enhancements is also available from this screen.

For an upcoming release, we will be revamping some of the existing reports and adding new ones. Now is the time to send any ideas you may for the DQB reports. Call or email Nathan with your suggestions.

We Wish We Would Have...

Kim has included a number of your fine comments on DQB and our support in the brochure she has developed. We will have enough space to include more on our website and wish now that we would have written down even more of those that have come to us verbally. If you would like to be included, please be sure to call or send an email to Kim.

Do You Need Case Notes in Spanish?

Eddie Riccobono of Nu-Life Dental Laboratory in Brooklyn has a number of technicians who speak Spanish. He has requested that we find a way to have the case notes we now print in English also print in Spanish on the work tickets and would like to know if there are other labs who would be willing to share in the funding of this custom project. In addition to the code development, we would need to purchase an SDK (software development kit) that would translate to Spanish the notes entered in English. If there are a number of labs willing to participate, the cost for each would not be high. Please let us know by May 1 if you would be interested.


Customization is available for all products.


Dental RX
We have been working with dentists on an alternate version of DentalRx that will be web-hosted and offered as an online service. The initial version will be for the USA and will include ADA insurance codes and dentist notes and preferences. Our goals for this second version remain the same:

  • Easier-to-read prescriptions
  • Provide accuracy and consistency
  • Fewer errors due to misunderstanding between doctors and labs
  • Convenient tooth chart and calendar
  • Secured access
  • Time and cost-saving features

And much more...look for this in 2007

Call 1-800-257-4535 or visit to learn more about Mainstreet Systems and our software designed specifically for dental laboratories.

"Thank you! We dearly love this software!"

Katrina Kornegay
Elite Dental Lab
North Carolina, USA

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