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July 2009

DentaLab NewsJuly 2009
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In the Good Ol' Summertime

As things slow down a bit in mid-to-late summer, we typically offer a contest or some summer specials.    This year, we have these special offerings, effective from now until August 25, 2009:

Image Scanning Supplement:   This is our most popular add-on to DentaLab for QuickBooks as it saves lots of time and money, minimizing the need for storage space and the time to file and access prescriptions and other graphics associated with a case.   The standard license fee is $400 (USD), but  we are offering it for $200 (USD) during this special.

Product Costing:   If you experience a slowdown in the summer months, this is a fine time to re-evaluate the costs involved in your production vs. the prices you charge to determine how profitable they are and whether it is time for a change.   The standard license fee is $200 (USD), the offer is $100 (USD) during this special.

Spreading the News:   To help you develop your email lists and newsletters, announcements, and promotions via email, the beta version of Spreading the News will still be available at no charge for a limited period from our website:

Our Most Popular Guides

We continually develop written guides whenever we see a need to provide more detailed information than can be given in a telephone call or quick email.   Those who have an up-to-date support agreement can ask for a copy of these.   Here are some of the most popular requests:

Move, Reinstall, Uninstall:   This is typically used when a lab wants to transfer their system from one computer to another.   Sometimes, this is used when someone has been using a trial version of DentaLab for QuickBooks (DQB), but wants to start fresh.

Multiple Languages:  Although English is the core language for both QuickBooks and DentaLab for QuickBooks, we have setup ways to handle multiple languages for those with staff and/or customers who are more comfortable with another language through doctor preferences, item descriptions, lab notes, case notes and case plans.

Security/User Permissions:   This explains how to use the various levels of security through user logins and passwords to control access.

Standard Procedures:   Setting up standard procedures wherever appropriate provides for speed, accuracy and management control when entering and scheduling cases.  For both case entry personnel and those using DentalRx, these provide a way to transform the prescription from the dental office into the steps needed to produce a case in the lab.  This guide provides advice and examples.

Available to everyone is the User Manual available from the Help button.   This is in Adobe PDF and can be searched, viewed and/or printed. 


  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have received a message that there is no connection to QuickBooks and that I can work with older data.   What does this mean?

A:  Typically, this means that QuickBooks (QB) was not loaded first, before DentaLab for QuickBooks.  Sometimes this occurs when a user has had QB loaded but accidentally exits.   It has also occurred when a user installs a new version of QB and in the process causes the QB Company file to be moved to another location.   All of these situations can be easily remedied.   Our support team can help you figure out what happened and get you back on track.  The connection to QB must be re-established to synchronize the latest data and to create invoices and purchase orders based on cases.


Q: Should I respond Yes when asked if I want to receive automatic updates?  

A:  Yes, if you are being asked by a trusted source such as Intuit and if you have a broadband internet connection for your computer.  These updates take care of interim changes between official releases to assure the smooth running of your system.   When a conflict or glitch is encountered, companies such as ours report this in technical terms to the other vendor who in turn changes code or creates work-arounds to take care of the issue.   These are distributed through automatic updates.

   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Tackling New Technology

An upcoming issue of Spectrum Dialogue--The Voice of Techno-Clinical Dentistry will include an article we have contributed on tackling new technology.  Here are some excerpts to get you thinking about this important topic:

From our discussions with many dental laboratories of all sizes, we know that many have a keen interest in exploring the possibilities of new technology both for their lab work and for running their business.   We also have come to know that many shy away from the next steps to seriously evaluate, plan and implement. 

There are lots of excuses, most of which center around being too busy, always overloaded, not enough time.  Next in line come having to make do with what they already have, not enough in the budget, the bad economy

In the opposite direction, we encounter a number of labs who think about new technology, perhaps even signing up for a trial or licensing it, but never devoting the resources in terms of personnel, training and leadership to get it going.

To give yourself a little incentive to begin tackling new technology, first give some thought to these for your lab:

What are our most tedious tasks?    What are the worst ways we waste time?   Has our competition gotten the jump on us in any way?    Wouldn’t our lives be easier, our stress lower, if we had better cash flow?    Are we consistently  providing excellent service to our customers?   How can we be better prepared for the future?    Are we missing out on opportunities?  

Be on the lookout in this journal to read  and learn more on this topic as it may be critical to your continued survival and success.   Another very worthwhile article in a past Spectrum (Vol.6. No 3) is a an article titled "The Dentist and the Dental Laboratory" written from the perspective a dentist by Dr. Roger Levin, DDS. 

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