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May 2010

DentaLab NewsMay 2010
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May Days

We will be closed for the USA Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 31. We will check email and voicemail for those in other countries in the morning and mid-day.

As both interest and technology have advanced for cloud computing, we have continued to fine-tune DentalRx, which provides for case entry from the dental office directly into the DQB database as well as entry/edit for doctor preferences and case lookups. 

For those who are interested in offering this feature to their customers but also watching their budgets carefully, we are offering a special this month into early June of $1200 for the license fee, which represents a 25% discount.   This offer will be in effect until  June 7, 2010.  To answer our most frequent question on, there is no per transaction charge involved in DentalRx.


  Easy, versatile software for the modern dental laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can a DQB BACKUP be made from any workstation, or should it be made at the Server only?

A: Yes, in a networked system, a backup can be made from any workstation or from the server.

Q: Can a DQB BACKUP be made while the application is open and in use at another workstation, or should DQB be closed at all other workstations before starting the DQB BACKUP process?

A: Yes, a DQB BACKUP can be made while the application is open and in use. 

Q:  Just what is a scheduled date?

A: Typically when we refer to a scheduled date in our documentation or in a DQB report, it is the date on which a case item is scheduled to be completed.  This term, however, can have broader meaning and include other dates associated with the case.  For instance, the Start Date is the date the case is scheduled to be started; the Ship Date is the date the case is scheduled to be shipped.

Q:  I marked a case as Finished--why does it still show up on the Cases to be Shipped Report?

A: In our older legacy systems, there was only one indicator when a case was completed and this meant the case was finished, invoiced and shipped.   From our users, we learned that they actually wanted three separate indicators:  1) Case Status such as out for tryin or finished  2) Shipped or still in-house 3) Invoiced.

In DQB, it is the second indicator for shipped or not that determines if a case will be included in the Cases to be Shipped report.  This is also the indicator used for the Cases Shipped report and the one that is marked in the Ship Cases option.

   With the same look and feel of QuickBooks.

Why Synchronize?

Looking back:

As a leader in software for the dental lab industry, Mainstreet was invited by Intuit to consider synchronizing its case management software with QuickBooks. In its continual quest to serve its customers well, Intuit realized that industry-specific programs were sometimes needed to complete the needs of its millions of financial management and accounting customers throughout the world.

Mainstreet accepted the invitation to travel to California and meet with Intuit personnel, determined it would be a good fit for many dental labs, and began development of DentaLab for QuickBooks (DQB).  Released in 2005, DQB quickly became the premier product for dental labs, well accepted by labs of all sizes not only in the USA, but also in nine other countries.

What is synchronization?

Synchronization means that separate systems now work hand-in-hand as though they were one.   It is a step above integration via export/import steps.  The standards, methods and look and feel are coordinated so that once one learns one system, it is easy to continue on with the other.

What are the benefits of synchronization?

  • Data is typically entered only once, eliminating the time and errors involved in multiple entries for the same data.
  • Updates are immediate, as there is no need for exporting from one and then importing into the other at specific intervals.
  • Data is not lost or mismatched due to forgetting to export and import or to enter at more than one point.
  • Synchronization brings together the benefits of mass-marketed software funded by millions of users with the benefits of expertise involved in a smaller but more specific industry.
  • Synchronized software results in a richer, more comprehensive, more complete set of features at an affordable cost.

As DQB rose to become the the #1 selling software for case management, others scurried to work with QuickBooks through the older import/export method.  Please note that DQB is the only one that truly synchronizes with QuickBooks. 

Another Important S-Word:  Searchability

One of the things services such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have taught is the enormous value of being able to search for information quickly and easily.    Searchability has made great strides in recent years and will continue to do even more as time goes by.

Just this past month, we have had a number of queries from labs on how to find specific information to help in their business review and decision-making process.  One asked about the value of work in progress, another on how to find the average price they charged for various items this past year,  another on technician assignments...and on and on.

In every instance, we could show them either in DentaLab for QuickBooks or QuickBooks that the information they were seeking was right there in the reports already available in the software.  For DQB, we have setup both the find/queries and the reports so that the user can easily specify just which criteria, including date ranges, are to be used in the search.   In QB, there are also both Find and Report facilities for every set of information.  In the Report Center, you can use the Modify tab to limit which information you want to be shown, the Filter to limit which records you want to see, and then you can modify the Header and Footer and Fonts to design your report.  Then, if this is something you will want to use repeatedly, you can memorize your design for future requests. 

Did you know that Google and Intuit are next-door neighbors in Mountain View, California?   They are in communication with one another and sometimes trade ideas, employees and resources in their quest to continually improve and expand the services they offer to you. 

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"We greatly appreciate all your support you have been giving us all these years?It has helped our business greatly and we highly recommend DQB to our peers."

Ray Alde
Executive Officer, California

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